Keep your credit card secure 

Never share credit card details like your card number, expiry date, 3-digit security code or CVV, and your One-Time PIN (OTP).
Keep your card in your possession at all times. Do not let others borrow or use your credit card.
Update your contact details regularly for easier communication with the bank on your account, transfers, and purchases. 
Monitor your statement of account. Review purchases and transactions, and report inaccuracies or fraudulent transactions immediately.
Dispose your old cards properly. Ensure that the card expiry, CVV, magnetic strip, and chip are all punctured before disposal.


If your credit card gets lost or stolen, or you think it has been compromised, follow these steps to lock or report your card immediately.

Lock your card via BDO Online Banking. Log in to your account online. Go to My Accounts > Security Management > Switch to Lock 

If you receive an alert from BDO or BDO-ALERT for a transaction you did not make, you can reply to the text message to block your card. Follow the instructions in the message. (Example: Text UB NO to 225678)
Call BDO Contact Center immediately at (02) 8631-8000



Here's how we protect your personal and financial information

CHIP Technology

All BDO Credit Cards are equipped with EMV chip cards, making in-store transactions more secure.

3D Secure Facility

For online transactions, a One-Time PIN (OTP) is sent to your registered mobile number for multi-factor authentication.

24/7 Monitoring

For your protection, the Bank may try to reach you via call or text message in case there are unusual transactions made on your account.

Lock/Unlock Credit Card Services 

Log in to your BDO Online Banking account to lock or unlock your Credit Card anytime. Log in to your account online, click My Accounts > Security Management, then switch between Lock or Unlock.