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Effective 19 October 2020, the operations of BDO Leasing & Finance Corporation (BDOLF) will be fully transitioned to BDO Finance Corporation (BFC).
You may access the new website at www.bdo.com.ph/leasing/bdofinance


Whatever your Company's nature of business, whether it's logistics, distribution, healthcare, pharmaceuticals or any industry that requires a strong and costefficient transport fleet, turn to BDO Leasing now!


Sale and Leaseback Arrangement

This arrangment is ideal if you have existing equipment but would like to earn additional working capital. We can purchase your equipment then lease it back to you so that you can continue using it.


If you wish to simply pay for the use of the equipment and not its ownership, you can use this type of lease.  This is commonly used to acquire equipment on a short-term basis. At the end of the term, simply return the equipment to us or you may also purchase it for its Fair Market Value (FMV).


Direct Lease Arrangement

This is a standard arrangement that allows you to lease equipment from BDO for a set term.

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