We protect what you hold dear so you never miss out on life.

Protect your family’s future and secure your success with BDO insurance.

For years, you’ve worked hard to achieve your goals and provide for your family’s needs. Allow yourself to have peace of mind by getting life and non-life insurance for your car, home, and travels, from BDO.


Insurance from BDO

Select an insurance plan that protects what you value the most: your family, your home, your children's future, and your financial security.


BDO Insure

Auto Insurance

Get financial protection against theft and accidents.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Receive financial assistance that will support you through disability.

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Home Insurance

Get financial and liability protection against fire, theft, and damage to your property.

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Travel Insurance

Enjoy every city and country you visit without being held back by emergency travel expenses.

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BDO Life

Protection Plan

Have the security knowing your family will be financially supported with life insurance.

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Savings and Retirement Plan

Protect the wealth you’ve accumulated over the years and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

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Educational Plan

Provide the education you dream for your children.

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Group Insurance

Fulfil your obligation as an employer and provide affordable insurance for your employees.

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Why get insurance?

An insurance policy ensures that you receive reimbursements when you suffer losses or have to spend out-of-pocket for events beyond your control like illness, theft, calamity, accidents, or death. With an insurance policy, money will be one less worry no matter what happens.


What can insurance give you?

   Financial assistance - Receive payouts that you can use to settle urgent bills, like car repairs,
      funeral expenses, hospital bills, real estate taxes, and inheritance taxes. You or your beneficiaries
      will receive the money, depending on the insurance plan you purchase.

   Protection – Shield your family from unexpected events that could change their lifestyle. With the
      right insurance, you can give them a financial safety net to depend on while they get their finances
      in order. 

   Guarantees for your children – Provide for your children’s education even when you’re no longer
      around or able to make a living. Your investment today can help support them through college.

   Debt assistance – Secure your family's finances by ensuring they receive financial aid to pay for
      bills and any remaining debts upon your death.

   Peace of mind – Live without fear of the what-ifs. As long as you are covered, you can enjoy life to
      the fullest.

   A Secure Future – An insurance plan can also help you save enough each month so you can
      continue to enjoy the lifestyle you’re used to even after you retire.


Get Insured with BDO

BDO makes sure you get the insurance that suits your needs, whether you’re a young adult planning ahead, a parent with a family that depends on you, or simply wanting to protect what you have.

What type of insurance do you need? Our insurance agents can help you find an affordable plan that provides the coverage you want.