Direct Equity Investment

Direct Equity Investment


BDO Capital either invests directly in existing companies or start-ups or offers the investments to other clients (under private placement services). Major considerations for a direct equity investment are earnings and growth potentials.

With BDO’s expansive reach and resources, we have become one of the top financial organizations in the Philippines. As we support growth and prosperity, we offer direct equity investment services that are perfect for companies looking to expand or needing funds to operate their businesses.

Whether you are just starting a company or are looking for ways to grow your business, BDO will find ways to support your goals. As the largest bank in the Philippines, we have sufficient resources to invest in different types of enterprises. We also have the network to offer your business to other clients who are looking for new ventures. By collaborating with our financial experts, achieving your goals is within reach.

At BDO, we are always in search for companies that share the same commitment to success that we have. Take the first step to realizing your goals. Schedule an appointment with our financial advisors and discover a world of possibilities.

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