Fixed Income Underwriting

Fixed-income issues are an alternative to equity capital, generally suited to clients avoiding dilution of ownership.


​Underwriting of bonds and commercial papers

​BDO Capital underwrites bonds and commercial papers that are evidence of indebtedness of private or government entities with a maturity of either 365 days or less (short-term commercial papers) or more than 365 days (long-term commercial papers/bonds). Purchasers of, or investors in bonds/ commercial papers receive earnings via periodic coupon or interest payments.​

Corporate Bonds or Long-Term Commercial Papers Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and rated. Normally sold to the public.
Government Bonds or Securities Credit risk-free, hence rating is not required. Highly marketable and liquid. Sold to the public.
Commercial Papers
Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and rated. May be sold to the public or privately placed.


Term loan packaging and syndication

​BDO Capital arranges and syndicates term loans for companies who wish to borrow money from selected financial institutions or through private placement. BDO Capital invites other participants in the issue, or " syndicates " the transaction. Term loans may be denominated either in pesos or dollars.​

Corporate Loans Certificate of indebtedness of a corporation
Project Finance Involves a corporation (project sponsor) investing in and owning a single-purpose industrial asset (usually with a limited life) through another company (project company) financed by non-recourse or limited-recourse debt. Borrowers are usually powerplants, infrastructure companies (roads), and hospitals.


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BDO Capital & Investment Corporation ("BDO Capital") was incorporated in the Philippines on September 8, 1998, as a  majority-owned subsidiary of BDO Unibank, Inc. ("BDO"), a Philippine universal bank listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. BDO Capital received its license as an investment house from the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on November 4, 1998, and started commercial operations on March 15, 1999. BDO Capital presently conducts business as a full-service investment house with the following functions, among others: securities underwriting and trading; loan syndication; financial advisory; and private placement of debt and equity.