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Effective 19 October 2020, the operations of BDO Leasing & Finance Corporation (BDOLF) will be fully transitioned to BDO Finance Corporation (BFC).
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The BDO Car Leasing Facility

BDO Leasing reinforces your transport fleet in two ways: through a car plan for your company and/or a car plan for your employees. Engineered according to your particular need, any road you choose to follow leads to only one direction – business success.


Car Plan For Your Company

The vehicle acquired by your Company will be assigned to designated users. At the end of the term, you have the option to extend your lease and retain the vehicles or transfer ownership. As an operating lease arrangement, this offers you:

  • Low monthly payments

  • Tax deductible rental payments

  • Off balance sheet recording

  • Flexible end of term of pre-termination options

  • Fringe Benefit Tax Savings


Car Plan For Your Employees

Your compensation packages can be made more competitive by offering this arrangement to existing or prospective employees. Through a salary deduction scheme, you give your employees the opportunity to avail of a brand new car – whether it be their first or a timely upgrade.

A finance lease direct to your employees offers you:

  • Reduced administration time and cost vis-a-vis company cars

  • No excess vehicles should the employee resign

  • Off Balance Sheet Recording

  • Flexible End-Of-Term or Pre-Termination options

Benefits of BDO Car Leasing

  • Low cash-out-up-front (0% to 20% guaranty deposit for brand new vehicles)

  • No Chattel Mortgage fees

  • Hassle free fleet management with our Full Service Lease Offering.

  • Expert guidance at every step of the transaction from BDO Leasing's seasoned managers.


Whatever your Company's nature of business, whether it's logistics, distribution, healthcare, pharmaceuticals or any industry that requires a strong and costefficient transport fleet, turn to BDO Leasing now!