Always remember:

Create a strong PIN. Avoid using publicly available information like your birthday. ​
Never share account details or allow anyone else to use your card on your behalf. Do not entertain anyone offering assistance while using an ATM. ​
Update your contact details regularly for easier communication with the bank on your account, transfers, and purchases.​

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BDO Corporate Center

BDO Corporate Center:

7899 Makati Avenue Makati City 0726, Philippines Trunkline: (+632) 8840-7000

BDO Corporate Center

BDO Contact Center:

(+632) 8631-8000

BDO Corporate Center

This channel is dedicated to handling phishing reports, online banking enrollment and/or updating of registered online banking contact information of overseas clients

BDO Corporate Center

BDO's Consumer Assistance Management System

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BDO Corporate Center

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