Equity Underwriting

BDO Capital underwrites and manages equity and quasi-equity transactions which can either be sold to the public or privately placed. By underwriting, BDO Capital assures the issuer that the securities being offered will be taken up in full and the required amount being raised will be delivered on settlement date. Most often than not, BDO Capital also manages the issue, including, among others, liaising with regulatory agencies, coordinating with the other parties to the transaction (legal and tax counsels, auditors, etc.) and making sure that all aspects of the issue are in order. Among the equity issues that BDO Capital manages and/or underwrites are:

  • Initial Public Offerings
    First sale or issue of tradeable securities to the public
  • Follow-On Offerings
    Re-offering of additional shares of a listed company
  • Stock Rights Offerings
    Right given to an existing shareholder of a company to subscribe or purchase additional shares of said company for every share the existing shareholder owns.
  • Warrants
    The right, but not the obligation, to subscribe or purchase new shares or existing shares in a company on or before a predetermined date.
  • Issuer Tender Offers
    Publicly announced intention by an issuer to reacquire any of its own class of equity securities, or by an affiliate of such issuer to acquire such securities.
  • Preferred Shares (Quasi-Equity)
    Hybrid form of financing, combining features of debt and common shares. In an event of liquidation, preferred shareholders´ claim on the company´s assets comes after that of creditors but before that of common shareholders. Preferred shares normally carry a stipulated dividend but payment of which is discretionary.

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