Securitization is the practice of selling illiquid assets on a without recourse basis by a seller to a special purpose entity. In return, asset-backed securities are issued by such entities, which depend, for their payment, on the cash flow from the types of illiquid assets sold. BDO Capital acts as a selling agent on your behalf in transforming your group of assets into asset-backed securities issued by such special purpose entities.

Asset-Backed Securities

Certificates issued by a special purpose entity indicating complete ownership interest in a pool of assets or a group of identified, self-repaying assets that is conveyed to the entity issuing the asset-backed securities.

BDO fully understands your decision not to maintain a significant balance of illiquid assets in your portfolio. The market has a tendency to become unstable, thus turning these assets into serious liabilities. Real estate, antique items, collectibles, and a large block of stock can drop in value at a certain period. Selling some of your illiquid assets is a sound move to become more financially secure, as asset-backed securities can easily be converted into cash.

At BDO, we serve as your partner in reaping all the benefits of securitization. Our goal is to provide you the guidance you need to turn your illiquid assets into securities successfully. We put your best interests above anything else. Through sound and strategic financial engineering, our specialists are highly capable in giving you a hand toward making your illiquid assets into securities.

We are committed to helping you maximize the advantages of this practice. Over the years, our bank has helped countless of clients, just like you, who wanted more financial security out of their illiquid assets. You’ve worked hard and invested substantial amounts of time and energy to accumulate your assets. Play it smart and turn some of them into a financial instrument much easier.

Securitization is a confusing and complex process. It’s important to have a trusted partner in making big financial decisions. Lean on our banking expertise and experience to receive the necessary assistance every step of the way.

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