BDO Working Capital Loan for your business

Stay worry-free in managing daily business needs and operations.

Working Capital Loan

Fund your company's day-to-day needs

Short-Term Loan

Best for one-time immediate financing needs to be paid in one (1) year or less.

Credit Line

Receive the funding you need to finance inventory, receivables, or other working capital requirements based on your current business cycle. 

Post-Dated Check Discounting

Allows you to receive a loan amount equivalent to the value of the PDCs submitted by your customers together with delivery receipt.

Inventory Financing with Trust Receipt (IFTR)

Rely on us to handle the payment to your suppliers by submitting their invoices and delivery receipts so you can concentrate on more important things such as building-up your inventory. 

Letters of Credit with Trust Receipt (LCTR)

Receive assistance from us in purchasing raw materials and supplies, as we have access to a wide range of local and international suppliers. Our network of correspondent foreign banks will ensure that you can conduct business across borders with ease.

This loan is suited for:

One-time payments
Recurring payments
Pre or post-financing requirements
Post-dated checks discounting
Supplier payments
Domestic and international transactions

Application requirements

  • SEC Papers, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and latest General Information Sheet
  • List of top customers and suppliers with contact information
  • Bank Statements from the last six (6) months
  • Collateral documents
    • If real properties, please submit copy of TCT, Tax Declaration, lot plan and vicinity map
    • If machinery, please submit copy of sales contract, purchase order and brochure    
  • The project should have long-term contracts from credit-worthy entities for the purchase of the project's output and inputs such as fuel, raw materials, and operations and maintenance.  
  • The project should have an appropriate allocation of risk to the parties best suited to manage those risks.  Sensitivity analysis should result in a sufficient debt service coverage ratio to ensure regular debt servicing for the term of the debt.
  • Total project cost should be comparable to projects of similar type and size for a particular market.
  • Pricing and costs should reflect market-based pricing.