Application Requirements

BDO provides a fast and easy process for leasing and financing applications. We know your time is important to you, which why we strive to make sure that you have a trouble-free experience with us. We do our best to take away the difficulty out of our processes, allowing you to apply for the leasing and financing option that fits into your business needs with ease.

To help you avoid delays in the processing of your application and get approved quickly, we have provided a detailed list of requirements for all of our leasing and financing solutions. The application requirements vary per business enterprise. Kindly complete all the necessary documents upon submission so we can check into your files right away.

All applicants are advised to submit:

  • Customer's information sheet [click the following forms to download]
  1. BDO Finance Corp. Customer Information Sheet (Commercial)
  2. BDO Finance Corp. Customer Information Sheet (for Business Owner/Signatory/Officer Information Officer)
  3. BDO Finance Corp. Customer Information Sheet (Individual / Sole Proprietorship)
  4. BDO Rental, Inc. Rental Application Form (Commercial)
  5. BDO Rental, Inc. Rental Application Form (For Authorized Signatories / Major Stockholders / Key Ocers Attachment to Customer Information Sheet - Commercial)
  6. BDO Rental, Inc. Rental Application Form (Individual / Sole Proprietorship)
  • Formal application letter
  • Three (3) years audited financial statements
  • Interim financial statements
  • Last (twelve) 12 months Bank Statements
NOTE: Please submit all forms through BDO Finance Corp. Head Office.

Other Requirements

A. Corporation

  • Registration Certificate from SEC
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • By-Laws
  • Taxpayer's Identification Numbers (TIN) of signatories
  • Community Tax Certificate Numbers of signatories
  • Corporate Residence Certificate Number

B. Partnership

  • Registration Certificate from SEC
  • Articles of co-partnership
  • Notarized special power of attorney from all partners authorizing the partnership to lease / loan from BDO Leasing and Finance Inc., up to a designated amount and designating the person/s authorized to sign for and behalf of the partnership
  • Taxpayer's Identification Numbers (TIN) of the partnership and signatories

C. Proprietorship

  • Registration Certificate from the Bureau of Trade and Industry
  • Taxpayer's Identification Number (TIN) of the owner
  • Community Tax Certificate of the owner
  • Should you have any concern regarding the application requirements, feel free to contact us. We would be more than glad to provide assistance.


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