1. How much can I borrow?

You can borrow up to 70% of the value of your real estate properties.


For instance, you can loan up to 5.6M for a House & Lot with an appraised value of 8M.


Appraised value maybe determined during property appraisal, upon loan application.

2. What are the loan related fees that I need to prepare for?
Pre-approval Fees*
Appraisal Fee
(per title)

if collateral offered  is within 30 km. radius from any BDO branch.

if collateral offered  is outside 30 km. radius from any BDO branch.



Post-approval Fees*
Handling Fee P 5,000
Notarization Fee P 600
Collateral Registration Fee Based on the approved loan amount and standard Registration of Deeds (RD) fees. 
Documentary Stamp Tax P1.50 for every P200 of the approved loan amount
Credit Life Insurance P4.75 for every P1,000 of the loan amount (assuming standard rate for borrowers up to 49 years old)
P6.50 for every P1,000 of the loan amount (assuming standard rate for borrowers ages 50 to 64 years old)
Fire Insurance (FI) Premium Based on the appraised value of the improvement on the property submitted as collateral.
Contractors All Risk Insurance  (CARI) Based on the estimated bill of materials of the property for construction.
Processing Fee
(for SME Ready Check)
Based on percentage of approved credit line


*Subject to change without prior notice.
You can pay the loan-related fees at any BDO branch.

3. How long will it take to approve my SME Loan?

If you have submitted your application form along with your identification, income and property or collateral documents, you will receive a loan decision within 10 banking days.



1. What are the modes of payment for my SME Loan?

For Term Loan

   • Monthly loan payments are deducted from your enrolled BDO account via Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA)

      You may refer to your Amortization Schedule for your monthly payment and loan details.

For SME Ready Check

   • Minimum amount due is deducted from your enrolled BDO account via ADA.

   • Outstanding Balance maybe paid in partial or in full over the counter at any BDO branch nationwide.

You need to settle at least 5% of your availed amount every quarter.

This will be added to your minimum amount due.

For easy monitoring of your transactions, you can check your monthly electronic Statement of Account (eSOA) which indicates your available credit line, minimum amount due, total outstanding balance and other credit line details.

Note: Please ensure that your account is sufficiently funded before the due date of your monthly loan payments to avoid penalties and late payment charges.

2. Is it necessary to get insurance in relation to my loan?

Yes. Getting insurance is important for your own security and to protect your property from unfortunate incidents that may happen during the term of your loan.

Credit Life Insurance (CLI) – Financial protection in case of untimely death or total disablement. It can pay off your loan’s total outstanding balance.

Fire Insurance (FI) – Financial protection for the property. It can pay off the damages or loss due to fire, calamity, catastrophe, etc.

Contractors All Risk Insurance (CARI) – Applicable to Construction Loan, it provides coverage for damage / risks normally associated with the construction project.

For Term Loan clients, BDO offers payment of insurance premium under the BUILT-IN INSURANCE facility.

Under this, premium is spread out in 12 monthly installments without interest and billed together with your monthly amortization.

For SME Ready Check, premium payment may either be deducted from an enrolled BDO Account via Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) or paid Over The Counter (OTC) at any BDO Branch nationwide.



1. How do I access my account online?

BDO Online Banking
To access BDO’s Online Banking, you should have an enrolled BDO Deposit Account or Credit Card.

If you are not yet enrolled, click here to access BDO Online Banking.

To set-up your SME Loan Account.

  1. Log in to your BDO Online Banking
  2. Go to Enrollment Services.
  3. Add your SME Loan Account.

Once your account is set-up, you may view your Account and Transaction Details, such as Account Number, Interest Rate, Monthly Amortization, Outstanding Balance, etc.

BDO Loans Quick Inquiry

  1. Click here to check your account. 
  2. Fill out the form with your loan account and personal details.
  3. You will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) through your registered mobile number to complete your log in.

Note: Online Banking and BDO Loans Quick Inquiry is only applicable for Term Loan.

2. How can I get a copy of documents in relation to my SME Loan

Please ensure to keep your contact information updated.

  1. Click here to update your contact details.

  2. On Update Client Information tab, choose whether you’re an Individual or Corporation.

  3. Complete your loan details and click Submit.

To request for a copy of your loan documents, amortization schedule or full payment computation.

  1. Click here to request for documents 

  2. On Document Request tab, check needed document and click Request Online.

  3. Complete your loan details and click submit.

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