1. How do I know which SME Loan is right for me?

The SME Loan that is right for you will depend on the business requirement you need to address. To determine which product best fits your financing requirements, you can refer to this quick guide:

  Term Loan SME Ready Check
What do you plan to use the funds for? Ideal for long term business investment such as:

• Acquisition of
  properties for
  factory, warehouse,
  and store or office

• Purchase of new
  equipment to
  support business

• Improvement of
  facilities used in
  business operation.

Suitable for short term financing needs:

• Purchase of
  inventory and/or
  supplies to meet
  seasonal demand.

• Financing of






How do you want to access your funds? Lump sum or single loan release.

For construction loan: staggered loan release based on stage of completion.

Access your funds by simply issuing checks.


Withdraw funds via checks up to a pre-approved credit limit.

How much do you want to borrow? P 1M to 20M P 3M to P 20M
How long do you intend to pay the loan? Long term
(1 to 10 years)
Short term
(1 year validity with option to renew)
How do you want to pay off your loan Fixed monthly installment Flexible monthly payments


2. What are the fees that I need to pay when applying for SME Loan?
Pre-approval Fees*
Appraisal Fee
(per title)

P5,000 if collateral offered  is within 30 km. radius from any BDO branch.

P5,500  if collateral offered  is outside 30 km. radius from any BDO branch.

*Subject to change without prior notice.
You can pay the loan-related fees at any BDO branch.

3. Are there other loan related fees that I need to prepare for?
Post-approval Fees*
Handling Fee P 5,000
Notarization Fee P 600
Collateral Registration Fee Variable, based on the approved loan amount and standard Registration of Deeds (RD) fees
Documentary Stamp Tax P1.50 for every P200 of the approved loan amount
Credit Life Insurance P4.75 for every P1,000 of the loan amount (assuming standard rate for borrowers up to 49 years old)
P6.50 for every P1,000 of the loan amount (assuming standard rate for borrowers ages 50 to 64 years old)
Fire Insurance (FI) Premium Variable, based on the appraised value of the improvement on the property submitted as collateral
Contractors All Risk Insurance  (CARI) Variable, based on the estimated bill of materials of the property for construction.
Processing Fee
(for SME Ready Check)
Variable, based on percentage of approved credit line

*Subject to change without prior notice.
You can pay the loan-related fees at any BDO branch.

4. How long would it take to approve my SME Loan?

If you have submitted all the requirements along with your completely filled-out application form, you will receive a loan decision in at least 10 banking days.



1. What are the things I need to know about my SME Ready Check Account?
Using my SME Ready Check
Your SME Ready Check can be used to immediately address working capital requirements of your business.

Upon receipt of your checkbook, you can access your funds by simply issuing checks for your business' purchases.

a. Ensure that only authorized signatories sign on any issued checks.
b. Always check your record of available balance before your next issuance to prevent returned check and corresponding bank charges.
Tracking my SME Ready Check availments
For easy monitoring and tracking of your SME Loan transactions, monthly Statement of Account (SOA) will be sent to you before your due date.

Your SOA indicates your Available Credit Line, Total Outstanding Balance, Minimum Amount Due based on the cut-off date of your transactions. It also reflects your Credit Line details such as Loan Number, Approved Credit Line Amount and Expiry date of your line.
Other Reminders
You have the option to pay your minimum amount due, your total outstanding balance or any amount in between. Payment should be made on or before the due date to avoid late payment penalty charges.

If outstanding balance is paid (partial or in full), paid amount revolves back to the available credit line. it is encouraged to plan your payments to make it convenient for you prior to the expiry of your account.


2. What are the modes of payment for SME Loan?

For Term Loan

• Monthly loan payments are deducted from an enrolled
  BDO account via Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA)

For SME Ready Check

• Minimum amount due is deducted from an enrolled
  BDO account via ADA

• Outstanding Balance maybe paid in partial or in full
  over the counter at any BDO Branch nationwide.

Note: Please ensure that your account is sufficiently funded before the due date of your monthly loan payments to avoid penalties and late payment charges.

3. Is it necessary for me to get insurances in relation to my loan?

Yes. It is necessary for you to get insurances because they are an important security for yourself and your property from unfortunate incidents that may happen within the term of your loan. Mainly, these insurances are:

Credit Life Insurance (CLI) – Provides you and your dependents with financial protection in case of untimely death or total disablement because it can pay off your loan’s total outstanding balance.

Fire Insurance (FI) – Applicable only when your collateral property has existing improvements (e.g. house, office, building, factory, etc.), this provides financial protection for your property in case of damage or loss due to fire, calamity, catastrophe, etc.

Note: If your collateral property is still under construction, Contractors All Risk Insurance (CARI) will  provide coverage for damage / risks normally associated with the construction project. Once the construction is completed, then you will be required to have your property covered with a Fire Insurance.

4. How do I pay for the insurance premiums?

You may pay your insurance premiums via:

BDO offers payment of insurance premiums on installment for Credit Life Insurance (CLI) and Fire Insurance (FI) under the Built-In Insurance.

Payment will be spread out in 12 monthly installments without interest and will be billed together with your loan amortization.

CLI and FI will also be renewed automatically up to the term of your loan under this payment scheme.

Currently available to SME Loan clients availing of TERM LOAN facility only


If you are not enrolled under the Built-In Insurance, you may settle your annual insurance premium in full via ADA or thru OTC payment at any BDO Branch nationwide.

Insurance coverage is renewed annually with corresponding renewal premiums. Always take note of your policy numbers as reference when paying.



1. What are the other possible uses of an SME Loan?

Refinance existing business loan from another financial institution.
You would need to submit your Statement of Account from your current lender and proof of payment for the last six (6) months apart from the regular loan requirements.

Reimburse personal fund used to purchase an asset for your business.
Reimbursement is only applicable to assets purchased within the last 12 months. Aside from the loan requirements, you also need to provide any of the following: Certificate of Full Payment, Deed of Sale, Sales Invoice or Official Receipt as proof of payment for the asset you acquired.

2. How do I access my BDO SME Loan online?

BDO’s Online Banking Facility will enable you to access your BDO SME Loan details online. You should have a BDO deposit account or Credit Card to enroll. To set up an account in BDO online Banking:

1. Enroll at Click here to access the BDO Online Banking Facility.
2. Activate via any BDO ATM
3. Add your SME Loan account under Enrollment Services

Once your account is set-up, you may view your Account and Transaction Details, such as Account Number, Interest Rate, Monthly Amortization, Outstanding Balance, etc.

There is also a Services menu where you can update your contact information, request for copies of your loan documents and others.

Note: Online banking facility is only applicable for Term Loan.

3. How will I get a copy of my loan documents?

Your loan documents, as well as other notices in relation to your BDO SME Loan will be sent to you electronically via email and/or SMS to the contact details you provided during your application.

Please ensure to keep your contact information updated.

To update your contact details:
Step 1 – Go to and select Loan Services or click here.
Step 2 – Choose your existing loan product and click update contact information
Step 3 – Fill in all mandatory contact information and click submit.

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