Hospital Cash

Hospital Cash

Cash assistance when you get hospitalized due to illness or accident plus other benefits.


Pays on top of your health card and PhilHealth

Up to PHP 50,000 independent of your other health benefits.

Confinement Cash Assistance

Good food, an extra pillow, extra bandages, and more - we provide fixed cash assistance for those daily expenses that bring you extra comfort. No bills and receipts required.

Accident/Assault Insurance

We also provide you with up to PHP 5 million  from death or disablement due to an accident or assault.



Plan 1

Plan 2

Plan 3

Price                                 PHP 3,600                        PHP 6,000                      PHP 12,000


Duration                                                                          1 year


Insurable                                                                18-64 years old


Daily                            PHP 1,000/day                   PHP 2,000/day                 PHP 2,000/day
Sickness                    (max 10 days)                     (max 10 days)                  (max 25 days)

Daily                            PHP 1,000/day                   PHP 2,000/day                 PHP 2,000/day
Accident                      (max 10 days)                    (max 10 days)                  (max 25 days)

Accident Medical      N/A                                       PHP 20,000                       PHP 20,000

Death or                     Up to                                     Up to                                   Up to
disablement due      PHP 1,000,000                    PHP 2,500,000                   PHP 5,000,000
to accident or

Things to Know Before Buying

  1. You cannot claim Daily Sickness Hospitalization Benefit for your pre-existing medical conditions for the first 12 months of your policy. You can claim for your Daily Sickness Hospitalization Benefit due to pre-existing condition upon renewal the day after expiry of your first insurance. If you purchased another insurance days after the expiry date of your first insurance, the 12-month waiting period for coverage due to pre-existing condition will apply again.
  2. There are exclusions to the coverage of this policy. For complete details on this, please contact us at +63 (2) 8838-2364 or email us at
  3. Only the insured person can claim the benefits (except for Accidental Death Benefit). In the event that he or she is a minor, or has a condition, a legal guardian may claim the benefits for them. To know more about this, please contact us at +63 (2) 8838-2364 or email us at
  4. You must be 18 to 64 years old. Annual renewal of your insurance may be done up to 69 years old.
  5. You may only purchase Hospital Cash for your family member if you also availed a plan for yourself. In case of claim and it was confirmed that no plan was purchased under your name, the benefit will not be paid and your insurance premium will be refunded.
  6. The Daily Sickness Hospitalization Benefit can only cover COVID-19 fifteen (15) days after purchase. This means that any sign of symptom of COVID-19 or any diagnosis and doctor’s consultation related to COVID-19 must happen after the 15-day waiting period. 

Disclaimer: These are only general descriptions of the benefits of this insurance product. We encourage you to learn more on how it can help secure your finances. Specific conditions and terms and conditions in insurance policy will apply.



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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a health card and PhilHealth. Why would I want to spend on this?

Hospital Cash pays on top of your health card and PhilHealth. It gives you a cash fund to help you recover from expenses that your health card and PhilHealth does not cover: food, out-patient medication, relatives’ commute/travel cost.


This insurance policy also has a wider age eligibility, so it is advisable to get one for family members who are no longer eligible for a health card.

What document/s do I need to prove my confinement?

You will just need to provide the hospital's Statement of Account to  help us confirm the dates of your confinement in the hospital. We do not require any kind of receipts.

I already have a Dengue Insurance. Will I get cash benefit from both policies?


Does the disablement cash benefit only count when the hands are removed?

No. You can also claim if you still have your hand but lost full function as with the case of a permanent paralysis.

I only lost a finger due to an accident. Will I get a cash benefit?

Yes, you can make a claim, but the amount depends on the severity of the damage. Please refer to insurance policy on how much you can claim based on what body part is lost.

I lost function of my hand due to a stroke. Will I get a cash benefit?

The insurance only covers permanent and partial disabilities due to accident or assault.

If I had an accident and while at the hospital got sick at the same time, will I get twice the cash assistance benefit?

No. You can file a claim due to accident only but you may still use the benefit of confinement due to illness in the future.



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