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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the payment reflect in my transaction history list in real-time?
Yes, your payments will be reflected in real-time.
What should I do if I entered the wrong amount?

If you paid the wrong amount, please talk to the merchant and ask them to call the Merchant Services Hotline.

What should I do if my Scan to Pay payment won’t go through?

What message are you getting from the app? Find out what it means, and what steps you can take to fix this.


BDO Pay Notification What should I do?
For your security, we've logged you out due to inactivity. Please log in again to continue. Log in to your BDO Pay account again and re-scan the QR. 
You need an active BDO account to do this Please call the BDO Contact Center at (02) 8631-8000.
It seems your BDO account is not active. Please get in touch with BDO Contact Center at (02) 8631-8000.
The QR code is not valid.
Please scan a valid BDO Pay QR code and try again.

Here are some reasons you might get this notification, and what you can do:  

The QR code is not a BDO Pay QR.

o Ask the Merchant for their BDO Pay QR.

The BDO Pay QR code isn’t being read properly.

o Make sure your phone camera lens is clean, and try to avoid casting a shadow on the BDO Pay QR code when scanning. 

The Merchant might not be accredited by BDO Pay.

o To know which Merchants are currently accredited, check here: [link]

The chosen account has insufficient balance. Choose another account linked to your BDO Pay app to use for the transaction.
There have been too many attempts. For your security we have locked your account. We can help you reset your PIN and unlock your account. Tap Reset PIN on the notification and follow the steps.
Is your internet connection OK? Please check and try again! Double-check if your mobile data is on or if you’re properly connected to WiFi, then re-scan the BDO Pay QR code.
Sorry, we're fixing a connection issue right now. Please try again later. Please use a different payment method while we work on fixing the issue as quickly as possible.
Sorry, this transaction didn't work this time. Please try again!


Can I use Scan to Pay for all QR codes?

No, you can only use BDO Pay’s Scan to Pay for BDO Pay QRs at the moment.

Can I use Scan to Pay without internet access?

No, you need to be connected to the internet to use any of BDO Pay’s features.

Will my Scan to Pay transactions earn me points with my BDO Credit Card?

Yes, you can earn points. Scan to Pay transactions are treated like regular credit card transactions.

Will I get BDO Credit Card rewards, discounts, or deals from my Scan to Pay transaction?

Yes, you will qualify for rewards, discounts, or deals of specific BDO Credit Cards if you use the participating credit card as the source account of your Scan to Pay transaction. Scan to Pay transactions are treated like regular credit card transactions.

I am having trouble scanning a QR code. What should I do?

Check if your camera lens is dirty or if there is something blocking a portion of the QR code, then try again.  


If you’re still having trouble scanning a QR code and it is from another BDO Pay user, ask them  to generate a new QR code.


If the QR is in-store, please inform the merchant and use a different payment option. 

Does the generated QR expire?

Merchant QR codes in stores do not expire. 

QR codes generated with Request via QR also do not expire, unless the account used for the request is unlinked from BDO Pay.

When will Show QR be available on BDO Pay?

It will be coming soon, so watch out for updates!





If you don’t have a BDO Account yet, go to and fill out the details to open an Online Savings Account. 
If you already have a BDO account, sign up for BDO Digital Banking at > Online Banking Login > Enroll
Download BDO Pay for free on Google Play Store, App Store, or Huawei AppGallery. 
Sign up using your Digital Banking Username and Password.
Create your own BDO Pay QR! In the main menu, tap Request > Request via QR. Choose Without Amount and create a nickname for your account. 



If your business has a physical location, print your QR code and display it where buyers can easily scan it. 


You can also send your QR through chat to your online buyers.


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