Trade Services


Import Letters of Credit

BDO Hong Kong Branch can tailor-fit the terms and conditions in your L/C to suit your specific business requirements. We may open an L/C for you through the availability of a vast global network of its correspondent banks.


Domestic Letters of Credit

Maximize your cash flow as the beneficiary is assured of payment since the Bank extends its credit through this facility.


Standby Letters of Credit

Serves as a guarantee in the fulfillment of a contract or obligation.


Trust Receipts

Enjoy an extension of your credit via availment of a Trust Receipt facility, thus enabling you to have further use of your available funds.


Export Letters of Credit Advising


Export Letters of Credit Negotiation


Export Bills Purchased Line

Bridge the gap between the shipment of the goods and the actual payment of the goods through the purchase of Export Bills. This service can shorten the collection turnaround time for exporters.


Export Packing Credit Line


Documents against Payment


Documents against Acceptance


Open Account Settlements


Shipping Guarantee