BDO integrates benefits of digital to branch banking

Local businesses are turning to self-service technologies to provide safer and more efficient ways for customers to accomplish their daily transactions.


Aside from local enterprises such as laundromats, convenience stores, and restaurants, big establishments such as banks are also adopting self-service technologies to cater to the evolving needs of their customers.


BDO Unibank is combining digital self-service solutions with person-to-person customer service to enhance the in-branch banking experience of its clients. But most importantly, these solutions are deployed so clients can do their transactions faster.


In-branch innovations


BDO branches now offer paperless transactions processing where clients can input their transactions in a kiosk inside the branch instead of filling up forms manually. For a more seamless and safer customer experience, clients also have the option to book an appointment online for their branch visits, receive a QR code to be scanned on the QMS (queue management system) scanner once they reach the branch, and immediately fall in queue.


BDO clients who have already experienced said upgrades acknowledged convenience in the usage – giving them a level of comfort and ease, and quicker processing.


Additional self-service innovations will be rolled out in the branches such as the BDO Universal Machine that allows clients to deposit checks easily, even without the assistance of a branch personnel.


The introduction of self-service technologies in its branches is part of BDO’s digital transformation efforts to make its service delivery more efficient and to promote customer satisfaction across all its channels.



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