BDO’s commitment to sustainability is fostered at the Board level. It anchors its sustainable development strategy to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Bank also upholds the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.


Sustainability Philosophy

We seek to achieve strategic resilience by incorporating sustainability in the way we do business.

We aim to embed sustainability principles when making decisions, assessing relationships, and creating products.


Sustainability Framework

1. Product Sustainability Strategy

We create products and services that anticipate the evolving needs of our customers and support sustainable development goals.

We develop our capabilities to understand our customers and reach the underserved markets with relevant products and services that meet their unique needs and ways of doing business.




2. Sustainability Contribution Strategy 

We support the achievement of national economic goals through financial inclusion and impact financing in infrastructure, eco-friendly solutions, green facilities, and disaster resilience initiatives.

















3. Human Capital Sustainability Strategy 

We develop leaders in the sustainability movement.

We aim to grow a “can lead” workforce that adapts a sustainability mind-set and thrives with innovative thinking and customer-focused attitude.






4. Disaster Response Sustainability Strategy

We leverage our resources towards the relief, rehabilitation, and recovery of disaster-stricken communities.













5. Governance-Based Sustainability Strategy

We continuously enhance our corporate governance framework to sustain superior business performance anchored on the principles of accountability, transparency, integrity, and fairness, together with our partners.



Alignment to the United Nations Global Compact Principles

BDO supports the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The Bank upholds:

  • Corporate governance
  • Climate-friendly solutions and opportunities for business
  • Access to clean, renewable, and reliable energy sources and services
  • The adoption of instruments that help quantify, manage, and report on the carbon footprint of its businesses
  • The responsibility to protect the dignity of every person and uphold human rights
  • The recognition of the role of women in achieving economic growth and poverty reduction
  • The elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor, and child labor


BDO Sustainable Finance Framework

BDO’s sustainable finance initiatives began in 2010, with the establishment of the Social and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) policy that was created  with the assistance of the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The SEMS evolved into what is now the BDO Sustainable Finance Framework that covers social and environmental impact assessment and risk assessment, aligned with the Bank’s Sustainability Philosophy and Strategies, as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. BDO also set up the Sustainable Finance Desk in 2010, initially focused on financing renewable energy projects and later expanded the scope to include all forms of sustainable practices including energy efficiency, climate-smart agriculture, green infrastructure, and clean transportation. For inquiries on BDO Sustainable Finance, email