Easy Investment Plan

Easy Investment Plan

Investing is one of the best ways to grow your money and achieve your financial goals.



What are the benefits of EIP?


No need to shell out a huge amount. You can invest for as low as P1,000 every month.

Automatic Savings and Investment

Our auto-debit facility will ensure that you save and invest a certain amount every month. Saving you the time of doing it yourself.

Access to a wide range of Unit Investment Trust Funds

UITFs are pooled investments where investors can participate and invest in assets that are normally available for bigger investors.


You can easily open an EIP account by visiting any BDO branch or online.

Professional Fund Management

Our dedicated fund managers keep watch over the UITFs. So even if you don’t know much about investing, you know your investment is in good hands.



How does EIP work?

You get to decide:

  • How much you want to invest per month
  • How frequently you want to invest (once or twice a month)
  • Where you want to put your money (Ex. BDO Peso Money Market Fund, BDO Peso Bond Fund, BDO Equity Index Fund).

On every debit date, we will automatically debit your BDO deposit account for immediate investing in the UITF.

Don’t worry, BDO will guide you to make sure you pick the fund that best suits your goals. These funds are also handled by our professional fund managers.


How do I enroll in EIP?


You can also visit select open branches.

Click here to view the list of open branches.

* Please bring two valid and current IDs. Click here for what type of IDs.

* For your safety, please wear a mask when you visit our branch. Social distancing will be observed.