Dengue Insurance


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Dengue Insurance

Get cash assistance when diagnosed with dengue, for as low as P300/year.


Let BDO Insure, as your insurance broker, help you find an affordable dengue insurance plan. 
We recommend the insurance product below for you and your family’s financial protection.  


  Plan A Plan B
Dengue Diagnosis Cash Assistance P20,000 P40,000
Accidental Death and Disability Up to P20,000 Up to P40,000
Coverage Period 1 year
Insurable Person 1 year to 70 years old, Philippine resident
Price P 300 P 500



Here are the things you need to know about Dengue Insurance
  1. Your insurance policy is valid for one year.  
  2. You can only buy one (1) Dengue Insurance for yourself. You can however buy another for your kids, parents, spouse/partner, or even a friend—as long as they do not have an existing policy.
  3. Dengue Insurance will provide lump sum cash assistance if you are diagnosed with Dengue, provided the Dengue diagnosis is confirmed and certified by your attending physician, supported by relevant diagnostic tests, and validated by the insurance company’s authorized medical consultant.
  4. Dengue Insurance can only cover any instance of dengue 48 hours after your policy’s effective date. This means that any sign or symptom of dengue or doctor’s consultation related to dengue must happen after said 48 hours waiting period.  
  5. Only the insured person can claim the benefits. In the event that he or she is a minor, or has a condition, a legal guardian may claim the benefits for them. To know more about this, please contact us at +63 (2) 8838-2364 or email us at
  6. There are other exclusions to the coverage of this plan, such as pregnancy and confinements required for routine medical tests. For complete details on this, please read the Terms and Conditions of Dengue Insurance.  
  7. You may request for the cancellation of your policy to BDO Insure subject to the approval of the insurance company. The insurance company has the right to retain a portion of the premium (including the taxes) as indicated on the Terms and Conditions. 

Disclaimer: These are only general descriptions of the benefits of this insurance products. We encourage you to learn more on how it can help secure your finances. Specific conditions and terms and conditions in insurance policy will apply. The product details and premiums are valid as of today and may be changed without prior notice.



1. How do I claim my benefits?

Just submit photos of laboratory results confirming dengue diagnosis, doctor’s prescription, and Claims Form signed by your doctor and e-mail them to You may also contact us at +63 (2) 8838-2364 and we will guide you through the process.

2. Will I still receive my benefits even if PhilHealth and health card already covered for my expenses?

Yes, you will still receive your benefit.

3. I already have dengue fever. Can I still get myself an insurance?

Yes, but we have a waiting period of 48 hours from the effective date of coverage.  This means that any sign or symptom should have not been observe or first medical consultation should have not been occurred during the waiting period. The dengue insurance policy requires that you are not ill with dengue for 48 hours after purchase.  However, the policy you purchased will cover you in the next instance of dengue.  

4. Can I transfer my insurance coverage to my family member?

No. Your insurance cannot be transferred to others.




Let BDO Insure help you find the right product that best fits your needs.

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