TradeTalks Webinars

In our TradeTalks Tutorial Series, we discuss stock market-related concepts and best practices to equip traders in their investing decisions.

07 February 2024

Technically Speaking: Stocks to Love

Watch our technical analyst analyze the charts of top traded stocks and identify stocks to love based on their technical set ups.

22 November 2023

Trading Strategies (part 2)

Learn the different types of short-term trading and how to trade each strategy.

25 October 2023

Trading Strategies (part 1)

Learn how about trading strategies and how to apply them to make money in the stock market.

23 August 2023

What's Your Gameplan?

Learn about the different investing strategies and how to find investment ideas using resources available in BDO Securities.

21 June 2023

Basics of Fundamental Analysis

Learn about the basics of fundamental analysis from one of BDO Securities’ research analysts and apply this in your stock investing strategy.

15 February 2023

Trending Patterns

Learn the basics of Technical Analysis and how to use Technical Analysis to identify market trends, sentiment, and trading opportunities.

25 January 2023

The Starter Pack

Learn how to formulate an investing strategy that fits you and find trades by utilizing the resources available in BDO Securities.

23 November 2022

Financial Statement Analysis 101

Learn to analyze Financial Statements and how to apply this in your stock investing strategy.

20 July 2022

Investment Waze

Learn how to navigate the BDO Securities Online Trading Platform and use the platform's features to execute your trades and more, with ease.

13 May 2022

Basic Elliot Wave Course

BDO Securities Research's top picks per sector were used as examples to demonstrate how to use the Elliott Wave Principle in analyzing price charts.

In our TradeTalks Outlook Series, we look at the most recent market updates and provide an outlook to help guide our investors.

17 January 2024

Philippine Conglomerates: Rising to the Occasion

Watch and learn as our sector analysts discuss the latest updates, key market insights and stock picks for the Philippine Conglomerates sector.

29 November 2023

Philippine Equity Strategy

Hear the latest outlook and forecast of the BDO Securities Research Team on the Philippine stock market.

20 September 2023

Taking Stock of the Market

Our research analysts discuss key market highlights, their latest outlook on the stock market and how to find opportunities amidst uncertainties.

06 September 2023

Investing the REIT Way

Get the latest outlook and analysis on REITs from a fundamental and technical standpoint amidst the current market environment.

In our TradeTalks Corporate Series, we get to know specific companies, hear updates on their current projects, latest developments and future plans to inform current and potential shareholders.

10 October 2023

GT Capital Holdings, Inc. (GTCAP)

Get the latest updates, significant developments and valuable insights on GT Capital Holdings, Inc and its business directly from their management team.

13 September 2023

Phinma Corporation (PHN)​

Get to know Phinma Corporation and hear the latest updates and developments about the company from their management team.
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