Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find the answers to a wide range of questions about trading, navigating our platform, as well as account-related concerns.

(Note: To sign up for BDO Securities, you must first have a BDO Online Banking Account.)
1. Once you have a BDO Online Banking account, you can click here to start creating a BDO Securities Online Trading account.
2. Log in using your BDO Online Banking username and password.
3. Fill out the Investor Profile Sheet and other forms.
4. Review the details for submission.
5. All done! Wait for the confirmation email, then start trading with BDO Securities.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Online Banking Log-in and select “Enroll Now”
  3. Complete the Online Enrollment Form, then click Submit. Check the Internet Banking box and take note of your ATM Activation Code in the acknowledgment page. The code will be used to activate your Internet Banking account using your BDO ATM Debit Card.
  4. Activate your account at any BDO ATM within 45 days
  5. In the ATM, press “Other Services”
  6. Select “Activate Electronic Banking”
  7. Enter the ATM Activation Code, then press “Confirm”
  8. Choose receipt option
  9. Enter your PIN
  10. Get the transaction receipt
  11. Access your BDO Online Banking account 24 hours from ATM activation

Use your BDO Online Banking username and password to log in to BDO Securities online trading and access your account.

  • Any person at least 18 years old and with BDO Online Banking account can apply for a BDO Securities Trading account.
  • In order for us to process your enrollment, kindly ensure that: 
  • You are not a minor
  • You are not applying under a Sole Proprietorship account 
  • You have indicated a valid existing BDO Account
  • You do not have multiple user IDs enrolled in BDO Online Banking

You will receive a confirmation email if your BDO Securities online account application has been approved.
Upon receipt of an account approval sent to your email, you may start funding your BDO Securities settlement account simply use the “Fund Account” option in the  BDO Securities Home Page. 
Activation and trading with the BDO Securities platform will be available on the next business day.
In the meantime, we suggest you begin learning about our platform by visiting our Education page.

No, there is no maintaining balance needed.
A BDO Securities account without any cash flows (either deposits or withdrawals) for two (2) years will be placed in the inactive list. You can prevent account dormancy by making either a deposit or withdrawal on your account at least once every two (2) years.

For BDO Online Banking password reset, kindly go to the BDO Website > Online Banking Login and select Forgot Password. 
If you have forgotten your user ID, kindly reach out to our BDO Customer Contact Center at:
Metro Manila: +63 2 8631-8000                                    
Domestic Toll-Free: 
  • 1-800-10-6318000 (PLDT)
  • 1-800-3-6318000 (Digitel)
  • 1-800-5-6318000 (Bayantel)
  • 1-800-8-6318000 (Globelines)
Click here for the list of International Access Codes

To reset your BDO Securities Password, go to and click on: 
Online Banking Login > BDO Online Banking > Forgot Your Password?
You will be asked to enter your User ID and click on “Verify” then, enter the last 4 digits of any enrolled ATM Card or  Deposit Account. After providing the correct information, you will be asked to input the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number, and your newly nominated password.

You may find your Customer Code/Investor ID at any of the following: 

  •     BDO Securities Online Platform Landing Page listed as "Username" 
  •     BDO Securities Mobile App 'More' menu button listed as “Investor ID” 
  •     Account Opening Email Confirmation 
  •     Statement of Accounts 
  •     Trade Confirmation 

    1. Log in to BDO Personal Online Banking, go to "Profile Maintenance" > "Customer Information" > "Update Customer Information".
    2. Fill out the required information then click on "Update". Take note of your ATM activation code that can be found on the acknowledgment page, email and SMS confirmation.
    3. Activate your request by going to any BDO ATM. Using your ATM Debit Card, select "Other Services" > "Activate Electronic Banking", and enter your ATM activation code.
Note: Your information will be updated after 24 hours from ATM activation.
For local mobile numbers, acceptable formats are 639171234567 or 09181234567.
For international mobile numbers, please include the country code and area code (e.g. 85291512345).
Once your desired mobile number is already reflected on your Online Banking account, take a screenshot, attach it to your email request, and send it to

Yes, the personal information maintained in your Branch of Account shall be followed.
If you wish to update your personal information, kindly proceed to your Branch of Account for updating of your personal records.

Accounts without any cash flows (either deposits or withdrawals) for two (2) years will be placed in the inactive list. This will require you to visit your BDO branch of account to reactivate. If you have further questions, please call the BDO Hotline at +63 28631-8000.

For overseas customers who cannot physically go to the branch of account, please send an email to

You can prevent account dormancy by making either a deposit or withdrawal on your account at least once every two (2) years.

1. Download and fill out the following information in the Account Amendment form:
  • Customer Code
  • Full name
  • Date
  • Check the box "Change in Nominated Beneficiary Account".
  • On the "From" field, indicate your current BDO Securities Beneficiary account.
  • On the "To" field, indicate your NEW BDO Securities Beneficiary account.
  • If the new beneficiary account is with a different Branch of account, please check the box provided for "Closure of BDO Securities Corporation Settlement Account due to any of the following > Change in Beneficiary Account under a different Branch of Account"
2. Affix your signature on "Signature of Account Holder Above Printed Name" field.
3. Send a clear scanned copy to using your registered e-mail address.
Processing time may take up to 7 business days to complete.


Log in to your online trading account and click "Fund Account".

Deposited amount is credited automatically to your BDO Securities settlement account.

***Please be informed that you will not be able to access the Deposit function from 11:45pm until 2:30am (Philippines GMT+8), Mondays to Fridays, due to daily system maintenance.

Log in to your online trading account and click “Withdraw Funds”. Withdrawn amount is credited automatically to your Beneficiary Account.

Important note on T+2: Proceeds from the sale of any stock will have a two-business day clearing from the date of sale before it becomes available for withdrawal.

To illustrate, if you sold your shares on a Monday then the proceeds will be available for withdrawal on Thursday.

Your cash dividends or selling proceeds will automatically be credited to your assigned BDO Securities Settlement Account.  

What is a BDO Securities Settlement account?  This is located in your BDO Securities account.  To view your dividend payments: Log in to your BDO Securities Portal > Click View Portfolio > Click Transaction History Tab > Under Transaction Type click Statement of Account and included your preferred date range.

*Note that your BDO Securities Settlement Account is different than your BDO Securities Beneficiary Account.  Your BDO Securities Beneficiary Account is your savings (current) account with BDO Unibank.  Your BDO Securities Settlement Account is located in your BDO Securities Portal.

Yes, you need to fund your BDO Securities Settlement Account before you can start trading.
Fees and Charges

​Trade-related Fees
Buy​ Sell​
Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines (SCCP) fee 0.010% of the gross amount same
Broker’s Commission  0.25% of the gross amount same
Value Added Tax (VAT) 12% of the broker's commission same
Sales Tax Not applicable 0.60% of the gross selling amount

Minimum Commission charge is ₱20.00 or 0.25% of trade value, whichever is higher.and will be applied end of day   Other Fees and Charges Upliftment

Conversion of scripless stock to stock certificate ₱250.00
(additional ₱200 courier fee for provincial mailing address) Lodgment

Conversion of stock certificate to scripless (for online trading via BDO Securities Corporation) ₱100.00 per stock AND ₱20.00 cancellation fee per certificate
(additional 12% VAT for Non-bank transfer offices) Withholding Tax on cash dividends Cash dividends issued by domestic corporations:

- 10% withholding tax rate for Filipino citizens and resident aliens (foreigners residing in the Philippines)

- Non-resident aliens or foreign clients not residing in the Philippines may be subjected to a higher withholding tax rates depending on Tax Treaties existing between his/her country of residence and the Philippines.

Cash dividends issued by non - domestic corporations:
- 15% withholding rate for all clients. Transfer of Shares
Transfer of shares from other broker to BDO Securities Corporation or vice versa ₱84.00 per type of share
Example: 100 shares of BDO Unibank Inc. = ₱84.00 transfer fee All fees and charges will be debited from BDO Securities Settlement Account

Order Related

Log in to online trading and click on Order Book to check orders.

No, orders cannot be placed using email.

Yes, orders can be revised or cancelled as long as they are not filled. If an order is partially filled, only the unfilled portion can be revised or cancelled.

Yes, all stocks you bought are reflected in your portfolio and are ready for sale anytime.

Yes, the proceeds of your selling transaction are automatically reflected in your buying power. You may use this to buy another stock anytime.

Yes, you may enter orders during off-hours.
Orders made during Market Recess (12:00nn - 1:30pm.) are still sent to the PSE and will be reflected as soon as the market resumes.  While orders made after market close are for posting as soon as the market opens the next trading day.
Product Related

A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a company created specifically for the holding of income-generating real estate. Often times the primary goal of a REIT investor is to generate income from the investment. REITs trade on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and you can purchase REITs through your BDO Securities account given you have fulfilled the proper requirements.

  • You must have an account with BDO Securities.
  • You must have an NoCD account opened with BDO Securities

Name-on-Central-Depository (NoCD) account is required by the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) to invest in certain accounts and investment products with BDO Securities such as:
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Dollar Denominated Securities (DDS)
Click here to open a NoCD account with BDO Securities.

If you are ELIGIBLE and interested to participate in Corporate Actions such as Initial Public Offer (IPO), Stock Rights Offer (SRO), Follow On Offer (FOO), or Tender Offer (TO), simply follow the steps below:

  1. Login to BDO Securities website within the prescribed period. 
  2. Click “Market Offers” from the account dashboard.
  3. Select the Corporate Action event in the “Market Watch”.
  4. Enter the total number of shares you wish to subscribe to in the “Order Entry”.
  5. Review your entry, then click “Subscribe”.

Amendment and/or Cancellation of reservation must be made through the “Order Book” field in the Market Offers tab, and may be accommodated only until the stipulated BDO Securities Reservation cut-off date.

Development of this feature is in progress.
Trust Investments

Yes. You may access the BDO Trust Portal by clicking “Buy UITF“ in the BDO Securities dashboard.

If this is your first time to access the BDO Trust portal using BDO Securities, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your BDO Securities account
  2. Click “Buy UITF“
  3. Read and agree on the Trust Facility Agreement
  4. Read and agree on the redirection notice and data privacy policy
  5. You will be redirected to the BDO Trust Portal.

All subscriptions and redemptions will have to be performed and executed in the Trust portal of BDO Unibank.

No, you will not be logged out but you will see another page open in your browser as you get redirected to the BDO Trust portal.

Your account will be debited following the usual debit process of BDO Trust.

You may contact BDO Customer Contact Center:

  • Email:
  • Contact Numbers: +63 2 8631 8000 and select the following options:
  •  Note: Press 1 for Philippine Customers, then Press 6 For Other BDO Products and Services, then choose option 4 for UITF, EIP and PERA.

Trading hours are below on Mondays to Fridays, except on legal holidays.
  • 9:00am - Pre-Open
  • 9:15am - Pre-Open No Cancel
  • 9:30am - Market Open
  • 12:00nn - Market Recess
  • 1:00pm- Market Resumption
  • 2:45pm - Pre-Close
  • 2:50pm - Run-Off/Trading at Last
  • 3:00pm - Market Close

Yes, there is a limit to the amount you can trade. For Buying orders, you are limited to the amount available in your account balance. For Selling orders, you can only sell stocks that are in your portfolio inventory.

All Market related reports such as, Daily Digest, Weekly Wrap and Stock of the Week are being sent to client's registered email. You may also access these reports by logging in to your BDO Securities Online Account and click on "Research".

There are risks involved in investing, whether in equities or in other securities. To learn more about investing in equities, please go to our Education portal and select “Investment Education with BDO Securities”.

You need to fill out and submit a signed Securities Instruction Form and a copy of your two (2) valid Government ID’s to
A transfer fee of ₱ 84 per issuer will be charged. This will be debited from your BDO Securities settlement account.
Note: For Transfer In requests, you would also need to request for the transfer out from your current Stock Broker.

You need to fill out and submit a signed Securities Instruction form from your current broker and a copy of your two (2) valid IDs. Securities Instruction forms are available upon request. Please contact BDO Securities Sales Support or send your request to
A transfer fee of ₱ 84/stock/transfer will be charged, and this can be debited from your BDO Securities settlement account.

Submit the following to BDO Securities Corporation (see address below):
1. Duly signed/endorse original stock certificate/s
2. Signed Securities Instruction Form
3. Photocopy of your two (2) valid Government ID’s
4. Originally signed specimen Signature Card (hyper link to download Signature Card) per issuer/company
BDO Securities Corporation
33rd Floor, BDO Towers Valero, 8741 Paseo De Roxas, Salcedo Village, Makati City 1226
Please note that there is a lodgement fee of ₱100.00 per issuer plus ₱20.00 cancellation fee per certificate. There will be an additional 12% VAT charge for non-bank transfer offices. Lodgement fees will be debited from your BDO Securities settlement account.

The lodgement process normally take at least one week to be completed. In some instances, personal appearance may be required by the transfer office. Once cleared, your stockholdings will be reflected in your portfolio.

Submit the following to BDO Securities Corporation (see address below):
1. Signed Securities Instruction Form
2. Photocopy of your two (2) valid Government ID’s
3. Originally signed specimen Signature Card per issuer/company 
An upliftment fee of ₱250.00 will be charged per certificate and an additional courier fee of ₱200.00 for provincial mailing address. Upliftment fees will be debited from your BDO Securities settlement account.
BDO Securities Corporation
33rd Floor, BDO Towers Valero, 8741 Paseo De Roxas,
Salcedo Village, Makati City 1226

The upliftment process normally takes at least a month to be completed. In some instances, personal appearance may be required by the transfer office. Once ready, the stock certificate/s will be delivered to your registered mailing address unless specified otherwise.

Effective February 13, 2024, Official Receipts (OR) will be automatically sent to all BDO Securities clients’ registered email address for buy and sell transactions, trade-related fees and charges, and relevant Corporate Actions.

  • Transactions that involve collections from clients and other business partners will generate an OR.
  • Transactions that involve payments to clients and other business partners will NOT generate an OR.
With Official Receipt:
  • Buy and Sell (Trade-Related)
  • Corporate Action with cash movements
  • Other Fees and Charges
  • Prepayments
Without Official Receipt:
  • Cash Dividends
  • Stock Dividends
  • Property Dividends
  • Property Dividends without Witholding Tax (shares)
  • Refunds
  • Redemption or Buy Back (equities)
  • Coupon Payment (funds)

The primary delivery method of the Official Receipt is thru the client’s registered email address.
In certain cases, where the email address is not available, the hard copy of the OR will be sent to the client’s registered physical mailing address.
Type of Account
Email Address?
Mode of Delivery
Individual YES
OR will be sent to the account holder’s registered email address
OR will be sent to the account holder’s registered physical mailing  address
Joint YES
OR will be sent to the primary account holder or the account holder’s nominated email address
OR will be sent to the registered physical mailing address in the CAIF
Corporate YES
OR will be sent to the registered email address in the CAIF
OR will be sent to the registered mailing  address in the CAIF

The BDO Securities Official Receipt will be sent to the client’s registered email or mailing address, whichever is applicable, within 1-2 business days from collection date.

Yes, the Official Receipt is password-protected. To open the file, simply enter the following information:
  • For Individual Accounts - Date of birth (DOB) using the format MMDDYYYY or the alphanumeric Customer Code/ Investor ID
  • For Joint Accounts - Date of birth (DOB) of the Primary Account Holder, using the format MMDDYYYY or the alphanumeric Customer Code/ Investor ID
  • For Corporate Accounts– Date of Incorporation using the format MMDDYYYY or the alphanumeric Customer Code/ Investor ID

The BDO Securities Official Receipt will be sent to the client’s registered email address. To successfully receive it each time a transaction is made, the registered email address has to be updated in our system.
To update the email address or to nominate a different email address to receive the OR and Trade Confirmations, please follow the steps below:
Step 1 – Login to your BDO Online Banking account through the BDO website and go to Profile Settings> Customer Information> Update Customer Information.
ATM activation is required for this request. If you do not have an ATM card, please visit your branch to request for one.
Step 2 – Once your new email address has been updated, please send a screenshot of your BDO Online Banking Customer Information displaying your new email address to so we may update your email address on file.
Please coordinate with your designated Trader or Relationship Manager for assistance.

Yes, a duplicate copy of the OR can be manually regenerated upon client request.
Please send an email to

The T+2 settlement cycle refers to the timeframe within which trades executed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) must be settled. "T" stands for the trade date, while "+2" indicates that settlement will occur two trading days after the trade date.

  • For BUY Transactions:

(a) Online Accounts - If your buy order executes on a Monday, the settlement of trade will be done on a Wednesday. Earmarking of funds remains to be at Trade Date.


(b) Broker-assisted Accounts - If your buy order executes on a Monday, the settlement of trade will be done on a Wednesday. Payment for the shares should be made two (2) days after.


  • For SELL Transactions:

Proceeds of the sale remains to be available as ‘Buying Power’ at Trade Date, and will be available for withdrawal two (2) days after. To illustrate: 

BUY / SELL Transaction 
​Transaction Date ​*Settlement Date
T+3 Monday Thursday
T+2  Monday Wednesday


*Settlement date may adjust due to holidays and non-settlement dates as may be announced by the Government, PSE, SCCP, PDTC, SEC or any regulatory body. 

Yes, the proceeds will become part of your Buying Power, within the same day that the trade has been executed, and you will be able to use it to buy other securities in the market.

The settlement period allows time for various processes, such as verifying trade details and confirming the availablability of funds or securities. 

Yes, the T+2 settlement period applies to all securities traded on the Philippine Stock Exchange. 

Yes, there are some exceptions to the T+2 settlement period. These include public holidays, non-trading days, or extraordinary circumstances that may disrupt the regular settlement process. In such cases, the settlement period may be extended or adjusted based on the exchange's guidelines.

The changes were effective on trades executed starting August 24, 2023. Hence, there were 2 Trade Dates that settled on Aug 29, 2023:
  • Aug 23, 2023 trades - the last trade date under T+3 settlement
  • Aug 24, 2023 trades - the first trade date under T+2 settlement, taking into account National Heroes’ Day on August 28.

For more detailed information about the new T+2 settlement period in the Philippine Stock Exchange, you can refer to the PSE's official website at

A beneficiary account is the deposit account (Savings or Checking Account) where your sale of shares proceeds will be credited upon withdrawal.

A BDO Securities settlement account is an exclusive deposit account for your BDO Securities transactions that will be:

Debited for all your bought equities, along with other fees and charges

Credited for all your sales proceeds, cash dividends, and other credit balances

Any amount of shares wholly divisible by a minimum board lot is considered board lot.


The net amount that a client can use to buy new or additional share of stocks. This will be displayed and adjusted everytime an order is posted.

Cash that's free from any blocks or obligation against any settlement.

The price limitation set by the Exchange based on 10% below or above the last traded price.

The date set by the Exchange starting from the time when the buyer is no longer entitled to the dividends. Currently set at two (2) business days before the record date.

A securities transaction that does not settle on the contractual settlement date. Also known as failed transaction.

The lowest selling price set to not more than 30% below the last closing price.  Also known as floor range.

* The low static price and floor price is now 30% below the closing price that was implemented by PSE (in 2020) the high static price remains at 50%.

A follow-on offering (FOO) is an issuance of stock shares following a company's initial public offering (IPO). The price of follow-on shares is usually at a discount to the current, closing market price. ​

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a corporation to the public in a new stock issuance for the first time. An IPO allows a company to raise equity capital from public investors.​

A Limit Order is an order entered with a specified price and volume. Only Limit Orders are accepted by the system.

A Name on Central Depository or NoCD is a sub-account created on the client's behalf for Dollar Denominated Securities or Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) in the NoCD facility of the Philippine Depository & Trust Corporation (PDTC) as part of the regulatory requirement.

In the case of BDO Securities, new NoCD accounts will be generated for its clients with dollar denominated accounts, as well as for REITs.

Any amount of shares not wholly divisible by a minimum board lot is considered an odd lot. (e.g. 1 share of BDO Unibank is an odd lot while 10 shares is board lot given the price of ₱132.00 per share)

Online stock trading allows you to buy and sell stocks online (using the internet) as opposed to the usual method of giving orders through telephone via an actual broker. This allows you to have real time access to the stock market.

The date when stockholders must officially own shares in order to be entitled to any shareholders rights or dividends.

The price limitation set by the Exchange based on 50% above or 30% below the last closing price.

A Stock Rights Offer (SRO) is an invitation to existing shareholders to purchase additional new shares in the company at a discount to the market price .A Stock Rights Offer is given to shareholders in proportion to their holdings.

A Tender Offer (TO) is a bid to purchase some or all of a shareholders' stock in a corporation. Tender offers are typically made publicly where shareholders are invited to sell their shares for a specified price and within a particular window of time. The price offered is usually at a premium to the market price and is often contingent upon a minimum or a maximum number of shares sold.​.

The allowable price range for regular buy or sell orders - from the highest buying price (ceiling) and the lowest selling price (floor) on a particular day.

The temporary stoppage or suspension of trading of a listed security, or suspension of trading in the Exchange.

The following validity types will be made available:

Day Order (Day) - Orders that remain valid until end of Trading day.

Good Till Cancelled (GTC) - Orders that will remain valid until cancelled by the user or until it reaches the set expiration date of the instrument.

Good Till Date (GTD) - Orders that remain valid until the date specified when the order is entered.

Fill-and-Kill Order (FAK) - Referred as "Execute-and-Eliminate Orders". Any remaining unexecuted portion of a FAK order is eliminated.

The circuit breaker is automatically triggered when the benchmark index, PSEi, declines by at least 10% resulting in a 15-minute trading halt of the entire market. For more details, visit

​Circuit Breaker​ ​Duration of Halt
1 10.00% 15 minutes
15.00% 30 minutes
3 20.00% 60 minutes

Short selling is any sale of a security that the seller does not own but will be settled by the delivery of borrowed securities.

  • All companies that belong to the following PSE Indices:
    • PSEI
    • MidCap Index
    • DivY Index
  • Exchange Traded Funds

Prior to executing a short sell transaction, one must enter into a Securities Borrowing and Lending Agreement with a lender to borrow shares that is intended to be sold. The borrower shall be responsible for arranging the Master Securities Lending Agreement (MSLA). MSLAs require PSE and SEC clearance, and must be registered with the BIR.
To know more about Short Selling, please refer to these PSE Guidelines:

In compliance with the directive of the Capital Markets Integrity Corporation (CMIC), we would like to inform our clients that BDO Securities’ Front-End Order Management System (FEOMS) has yet to undergo the required re-certification by the PSE in connection with short selling. Thus, this is currently not part of our offered services.  Should you desire to execute short selling transactions, you may engage other trading participants whose systems are ready for short selling.
As we remain dedicated to exploring avenues that will enhance our offerings, we will continue to assess the feasibility and demand for this service. We will keep you updated on any developments in this regard.

BDO Securities shall conduct webinars and other awareness initiatives related to Short Selling once the brokerage has finalized plans to offer this service to our clients. Meanwhile, we continue to hold webinars related to trading which you can find in our Events and Webinars page.

You can go directly to either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Learn how to navigate the BDO Securities mobile app by watching this video:

Use of the BDO Securities Mobile Trading App requires the device to be connected to the internet either via free or paid WIFI or data plan. Use of the BDO Securities App requires the device to be connected to the internet either via free or paid WIFI or data plan.

This will be available for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

To ensure that you are downloading the authentic application, the developer’s name appearing under the BDO Securities Mobile Trading App should be BDO Unibank, Inc. Any other name to the contrary is not an authorized version.

No. The BDO Securities App may be downloaded only once using the same device. It is however possible to reinstall an uninstalled BDO Nomura app.

No need to uninstall the original downloaded app. However, the app will prompt a message display update, and only upon confirmation will the system update push through.

Investing has never been easier. Through the BDO Securities Mobile Trading App you will be able to:
  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Monitor listed company stocks on the Philippine Stock Exchange through your mobile phone
Additional functions that you can perform are:
  • Monitor posted transactions
  • View historical stock charts
  • Fund and Withdraw from your BDO Securities account
  • Access comprehensive market reports

Yes, the BDO Securities Mobile Trading App can accept multiple users in one device. A user needs to log in using his / her User ID, Password and OTP.

The User ID and Password you are currently using for BDO Online Banking will also be the same credentials to be used to log in to the BDO Securities App.

Yes, your User ID can be used among several devices which have a downloaded BDO Securities Mobile Trading App, but please take note that only one device can accommodate your User ID at a time. This means that your existing log in will be dropped if you try to access your account on another device.

Yes, similar to financial transactions performed using the BDO Securities platform, transactions such as Cash Deposit and Withdrawal are done real-time. Please take note of the clearing rule (transaction +2 trading days) if you are trying to withdraw proceeds from your selling transactions.

This is the daily system restart and maintenance of the platform scheduled from 12:00mn to 8:30am to conduct efficiency checks and performance improvement.

Contact us

BDO Corporate Center

BDO Corporate Center:

7899 Makati Avenue Makati City 0726, Philippines Trunkline: (+632) 8840-7000

BDO Corporate Center

BDO Contact Center:

(+632) 8631-8000

BDO Securities respects your privacy and is committed to protect the confidentiality of your information. We will only request information that is necessary for us to be able respond to your request or query. By sending your information, you are providing BDO Securities consent to use it solely for the purposes stated herein. For more information about our Data Privacy Statement, you may visit the BDO Website.
For concerns, you may contact us thru the BDO Securities Hotline +63 2 8840-7878 between 8:30AM to 5:00PM, Monday to Friday or email us BDO Securities is a PSE and PDex Trading Participant, an SCCP and SIPF Member, and is regulated by the CMIC with website, and SEC with Telephone No. 0916-383-8633 and (02) 8818-0921 and email address at