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Thank you for choosing BDO Securities as your online trading platform.  On this page, you will find our BDO Securities Tutorial Series.  We’ve created this series with one goal in mind – help you buy your very first stock.


Watch the video series below and read through the Video Guides that supplement each of the videos.


Video One – Starting Point

The first video in our series is designed to help you better understand why people invest, as well as show you how to fund your account and explain BDO Securities’ Fees.



View the Video Guide here: >>



Video Two – Investment Waze

This video is designed to help you navigate the BDO Securities Platform, from the different order types used to buy stocks, to how to buy IPOs and offerings. 



View the Video Guide here: >>



Video Three – To Have & To Hold

While the first two videos are heavy on understanding the BDO Securities platform, this video goes through using BDO Securities research to find a dividend stock to buy-and-hold!



View the Video Guide here: >>



Video Four – Game of Trades

This video discusses short-term trading and how to use our Technically Speaking commentary and Trade Recap to find trading opportunities.



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Keep learning by reading the following articles on our microsite:

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