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Brand Model Year Mileage Color Plate No. View Advertised Price Location
Chevrolet Trailblazer Z71 4x4 2.8L, A/T, DSL 2019 74T Black Meet Kettle LAF 2626 1,161,000 Panabo City
Chevrolet Trax 1.4 LS, A/T, Gas 2018 92T (per checklist) Abalone White Tri-Coat FAE 5383
522,000 Bacolod
Chevrolet Trax LT 4x2 1.4L, A/T, Gas 2018 24T Abalone White Tri-Coat NBR 3026
666,000 Binangonan Rizal
Chevrolet Trax LT 4x2 Turbo 1.4, A/T, GAS 2016 74T Orange Rock FAA 7114 461,000 Bolilao, Iloilo
Dongfeng Captain C 16FT Aluminum Van 6WH EuroIV 4x2, M/T, DSL 2019 87T White NFZ 3368 831,000 Bulacan
Dongfeng KL Tractor Head 10WH, M/T, DSL 2019 Not Available White NFX 5600
1,843,000 Bulacan
Ford Ecosport 5DR Titanium 1.0, A/T, GAS 2020 34T Blue Lightning NGG 3401
757,000 MOA - PASAY
Ford Ecosport 5DR Titanium 1.5, A/T, GAS 2016 71T Panther Black ADI 1612 (CRE) / IDI 1612 (ACTUAL)
389,000 QC
Ford Ecosport 5DR Titanium 1.5L, A/T, Gas 2018 20T Mars Red NBK 2658 592,000 MOA - PASAY
Ford Ecosport 5DR Trend 1.5, A/T, GAS 2018 7T Absolute Black CS# C1 C328 (WITHOUT PLATES)
469,000 MOA - PASAY
Ford Ecosport 5DR Trend 1.5, A/T, Gas 2018 25T Absolute Black NCW 6063 448,000 QC
Ford Ecosport 5DR Trend 1.5L, M/T, Gas 2017 24T Absolute Black GAC 3826
413,000 Bolilao, Iloilo
Ford Ecosport 5DR Trend 4x2 1.5L, A/T, Gas 2019 27T Absolute Black DAL 7176
597,000 QC
Ford Ecosport 5DR Trend, M/T, GAS 2018 72T Ingot Silver CS# C1 J036 (WITHOUT PLATES)
437,000 MOA - PASAY
Ford Ecosport Ecoboost 5DR Titanium 1.0L, A/T, Gas 2019 20T Crystal White NBQ 5609 693,000 Panabo City
Ford Ecosport Trend 4x2 1.5, A/T, GAS 2021 23T Ruby Red ZAC 3390 794,000 Panabo City
Ford Escape 2.0 4x4 Titanium Ecoboost, A/T, GAS 2016 41T White Platinum LAA 5513 719,000 Panabo City
Ford Everest Titanium 4x2 2.0L, A/T, DSL 2020 0.5T Absolute Black NGG 1994
1,491,000 Taguig, Fort Victoria
Ford Everest Titanium 4x2 2.0L, A/T, DSL 2020 62T Absolute Black NGB 5544
1,444,000 SM City Novaliches
Ford Everest Titanium 4x2 2.2L, A/T, DSL 2018 70T (per checklist) Sunset Red NAQ 3193
1,028,000 Cagayan de Oro


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