Investment Management

Making your Wealth Work for You

After you have laid out your plans for the future, we decide on the investment approach according to your risk aversion.  You may delegate the investment of your wealth to us or you can avail of our advisory services to assist you in decision-making.  We make available for you three approaches in managing your wealth.

•     Managed account.  If your life is ruled by your dedication to work or passions, we provide a service that demands the least intervention from you.  We will tailor a portfolio for you addressing your investment goals and risk aversion.  Our wealth advisors, investment managers and analysts will select the appropriate investments to meet your objectives. We will execute your investment mandates at the most opportune time, and provide you with periodic information on the performance of your investments.
•     Advisory account. This engagement is designed if you want more active involvement and responsibility in managing your wealth.  You select your investments, drawing on the ideas and suggestions of our wealth managers for your portfolio.  You have access to our capital markets and investment research and we assist you in assessing which asset classes and specific investments will help you achieve your goals.
•     Execution.  If you are more of an independent decision-maker, well versed in the intricacies and movements of volatile markets, we provide you with the platform to execute your investment strategies.  You make the day-to-day investment decisions for your portfolio, reacting to changing market situations.  To support your active trading in the financial markets, we provide the recording, settlement and custody of your investments to ensure that your wealth is properly accounted for.


Available Services:
• Asset Allocation
• Portfolio Construction
• Investment Selection
• Investment Execution