BDO Diamond UnionPay

The most preferred and widely used card in China and in key cities in Asia.

  • Credit Card Points Redemption Program
    Earn 1 point for every Php40 local transaction and for every US$1 international transaction you charge to your credit card. Your points can be used to redeem airline miles, gift certificates, dining/hotel vouchers and more.

  • Free Travel Accident & Inconvenience Insurance Coverage of up to Php20 Million
    Your card comes with a comprehensive Travel Insurance Coverage that lets you explore the world without any worries. Just charge your travel expenses (airline tickets and other means of public transport) to your BDO Diamond UnionPay Credit Card everytime you travel and get Insurance Coverage of up to Php20 Million.

    • Travel Accident and Dismemberment Insurance with coverage of up to Php20 Million

    • Medical Expense Reimbursement coverage of up to Php1.5 Million

    • Trip termination/cancellation and loss of travel documents coverage of up to Php200,000

    • Loss/Damage to Baggage coverage of up to Php80,000

    • Flight Delay/Baggage Delay coverage of up to Php3,000 per 6 hours, maximum of Php24,000

  • Free Annual Membership Fee For Life
    Your annual membership fee is waived for the first three (3) years. Succeeding annual membership fees will also be automatically waived when you spend at least Php600,000 per year.

    With your BDO Diamond UnionPay Credit Card, you can apply for up to six (6) supplementary credit cards, all for free.

  • Enjoy instant discounts with u•plan
    u•plan offers discounts of up to 30% from various participating stores through the use of electronic coupons, enhancing your shopping experience overseas!

    Simply download the latest BDO Deals app, generate a u•plan e-coupon and present it at the participating store upon check out. Click here for details.

  • UnionPay Exclusive Promotions
    Chinese New Year Rebate Promo
    Earn rebates when you use your BDO UnionPay Card during the Chinese New Year.

    Crossborder Promotions
    Get rewarded when you use your BDO UnionPay Card for your overseas spend.

    Exclusive discounts to over 100+ Duty Free Shops worldwide

    Exclusive discounts on partner hotels and restaurants worldwide

    U Collection
    Discover the world's fine restaurants, valuable shopping benefits, top class hotels, and inspiring experiences. To know more, visit

    Click here to view all the offers.

  • Dual Currency Billing Option*
    Have the convenience of both Philippine Peso and US Dollar accounts in one card, where your local transactions will be billed in Philippine Peso and international transactions in currencies other than the Philippine Peso. Thus, you have the option to pay the exact amount in US$ or inquire for the prevailing exchange rate when you opt to pay in Philippine Peso.
*Enrollment is required to avail of this feature.
To enroll in this feature, you may choose any of the options below:
1. Click here
2. Text BDOCC<space>DUAL-OPT-IN<space>last 4-digits of your card/last name/first name/middle initial and send to 2256.
Example: BDOCC DUAL-OPT-IN 1234/Reyes/Juan/A
To dis-enroll from this feature,  you may choose any of the options below:
1. Click here
2. Text BDOCC<space>DUAL-OPT-OUT<space>last 4-digits of your card/last name/first name/middle initial and send to 2256.
Example: BDOCC DUAL-OPT-OUT 1234/Reyes/Juan/A

Refer to the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of BDO Credit Cards for details.

Click here to view Table of Fees and Charges and Sample Finance Charge Computation.

The most preferred and widely accepted credit card in China and in key cities in Asia.

UnionPay Concierge Services

The UnionPay Concierge Service is available to assist you with your special requirements in travel, entertainment, shopping, business, and other personal needs such as:

  • Pre-trip Inoculation and Visa Requirement Information
    Provide information concerning visa & inoculation requirements for foreign countries
  • Hotel Referral and Reservation assistance
    Provide name and contact details of hotels and holiday resorts in major cities. Assistance in making reservations will also be rendered where possible.
  • Flight Information and Ticketing Assistance
    Provide name, contact details and where available, flight times of airlines in major cities. Reservation assistance will also be rendered where possible.
  • Luxury Car Rental and Limousine Referral and Reservation Assistance
    Provide name and contact details of luxury car / bike rentals and limousine companies in major cities. Assistance in making reservations will also be rendered where possible.
  • Cash access inquiry – the locations of nearest UnionPay ATMs
    Provide locations of nearby ATMs that accept UnionPay Cards


  • Golf Course Referral and Reservation Assistance
    Provide address and contact details of golf courses within and outside the country of residence. Assistance to book the golf courses will also be rendered.
  • Global concert and performance assistance
    Provide information on major concerts and performances on a global basis. Assistance to book and purchase entry tickets to the designated event will also be rendered.
  • Global sports events assistance
    Provide information on major sports events on a global basis. Assistance to book and purchase entry tickets to the designated event will also be rendered.
  • Spa, Fitness Center and Sports Center Information and Referral
    Provide name and contact details of spa and fitness centres in major cities, including operating hours of the shops. Assistance to book the services will also be rendered.
  • Dining referral and reservation assistance
    Provide name and contact details of restaurants in major cities. Assistance to make reservations for the restaurants will also be rendered.


  • Flower and Gift Delivery Assistance
    Assistance in the purchase and delivery of flowers and gifts on behalf of the Cardholder

For assistance, you may call (+632) 8687-8305.

Global Medical Assistance
Medical assistance is always available anywhere in the world. If you lose your medicine or require medical treatment, you may call the UnionPay Global Medical Assistance at (632) 8687-8305.
The following services are provided:

  • Telephone Medical Advice
    Provide medical advice to the Cardholder over-the-phone
  • Medical Service Provider Referral
    Provide contact information of Medical Service Providers in the vicinity.
    UnionPay International is not responsible for providing any medical diagnosis or treatment. While due care and diligence will be exercised in the selection of Medical Service Providers, UnionPay International cannot guarantee the quality of the Medical Service Providers referred. The final decision in selecting a Medical Service Provider lies with the Cardholder.
  • Arrangement of Hospital Admission
    Assistance in facilitating hospital admission will be provided in cases when Cardholder needs to be hospitalized.
  • Guarantee of Medical Expenses Incurred During Hospitalization and Monitoring of Medical Condition During Hospitalization
    Aspire will guarantee on the Cardholder’s behalf, medical expenses incurred during his/her hospitalization subject to them first securing payment from the Cardholder through his/her credit card.
    When such hospitalization expenses are guaranteed, Aspire will further assist in monitoring the Cardholder’s medical condition with the hospital’s attending physician to ensure that the hospitalization expenses incurred are reasonable and that the standard of care is reasonable for his/her condition and location. This will be subject to any confidentiality obligations and relevant authorization by the cardholder.
  • Medical Interpreter
    Arrangement of over-the-phone medical translation services
  • Delivery of Essential Medicine
    Arrangement for the delivery of medicine, drugs and medical supplies not available at the Cardholder’s location but essential to his/her care and/or treatment.
    Such delivery is subject to local laws and regulations. All associated costs are to be borne by the Cardholder.
  • Arrangement of Emergency Medical Evacuation
    Includes the arrangement for air and/or surface transportation, medical care during transportation, communications and all usual ancillary services required to move the Cardholder to the nearest hospital where appropriate medical care is available.
    Whenever possible, Aspire will ensure that the medical escort crew is linguistically compatible with the cardholder.
  • Arrangements for Emergency Medical Repatriation
    Arrangement for the cardholder to return to his/her home country or usual country of residence following emergency medical evacuation and subsequent hospitalization.
    Whenever possible, the cardholder will travel with the necessary mobile medical equipment and linguistically compatible medical escort crew.
  • Arrangements for repatriation of remains
    In the unfortunate event of the Cardholder’s passing during his/her travel, Aspire will arrange for the transportation of the cardholder’s mortal remains to his/her home country or usual country of residence or if requested by the cardholder’s family, arrange for local burial at the place of death.
  • Arrangement of Compassionate Visit
    Arrangement for one return air ticket for a relative or friend who may wish to join the Cardholder should the latter be hospitalized when travelling alone.
  • Arrangements of Return of Minor Children
    Arrangement for one-way airfares for the return of minor children to their home country or usual country of residence if they are left unattended as a result of the accompanying Cardholder’s illness, accident or emergency medical evacuation. Upon request and subject to availability, an escort will be provided.
  • Arrangements of Accommodation
    Arrangement for the hotel accommodation of the Cardholder’s relatives related to an incident requiring Emergency Medical, Evacuation, Emergency Medical Repatriation and hospitalization.

VIP Healthcare Assistance in Mainland China

  • Hospital / Clinic Referral
    Provide name, address and contact details as well as operating hours and language capability for hospitals or clinics in China. Such information will be provided in both Chinese and English.
  • Triage Assistance
    Assist Cardholder to do a triage by the symptoms described by Cardholder
  • Arrangement of Specialist Appointment
    Assistance in making appointments for specialist outpatient clinics. Where available, a specialist outpatient clinic which supports the Cardholder’s preferred language will be arranged.
  • Arrangement of VIP Outpatient Service
    Assistance to make an appointment with the VIP outpatient service, and if possible with the language ability that the cardholder requires. If available, we shall assist with the escort service where an individual speaking the native language will accompany the patient during the appointment.

Global Travel Assistance
Travel assistance is always available for you anywhere in the world. If you require language assistance, help with lost passports or are in an emergency situation, UnionPay Global Travel Assistance can help you in any of these circumstances:

  • Lost Luggage Assistance
    Referral to the relevant authorities when Cardholder loses luggage.
  • Lost Passport Assistance
    Referral to the relevant authorities when Cardholder loses passport.
  • Legal Referral
    Referral to lawyers and legal practitioners by providing contact information available at the time of request.
    No legal advice shall be given to the cardholder by UnionPay International or Aspire.
  • Emergency Travel Service Assistance
    Arrangement of air tickets and/or hotel accommodations for the cardholder in times of emergency.
  • Emergency Interpreting Assistance
    Arrangement of emergency over-the phone interpretation services on behalf of the cardholder.
  • Embassy Referral
    Provide contact information of the nearest relevant consulate and embassy to the cardholder.
  • Emergency Message Transmission
    Assist in the transmission of messages between cardholders and their families in times of emergency.

All third party costs and expenses resulting from these referrals and/or assistance are to be borne solely by the cardholder.

For assistance, you may call (+632) 8687-8305.

Local connection charges may apply.

Installment Programs

  • EasyPay Installment
    You can now spend for all the appliance, furniture, gadgets, jewelry or clothes you want without worry. The EasyPay Installment program allows you to purchase items on installment from over 13,000 partner stores nationwide. Choose from 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36 monthly installment* for a minimum single purchase amount of Php3,000**.

Avail EasyPay Installment through any of the following:

  • 0% Interest on Installment*

  • Easy and affordable monthly add-on interest rates
    Plus, take advantage of special extended installment terms when you Buy Now Pay Later and enjoy exclusive discounts and latest offers during special promo dates.
    *Merchants have sole discretion on the terms / items applicable for the Absolutely 0% Interest
    **Minimum installment purchase amount may vary per partner merchants

  • Other EasyPay Installment Options

    • Balance Transfer
      Transfer your other banks' credit card balances to your BDO Credit Card and save on high interest rates.

    • EasyPay Cash
      Reimburse your Official Receipts (ORs) back to cash worth at least Php5,000 at affordable installment plans.

    • EasyPay Convert
      You can convert single-receipt purchases of at least Php3,000 or USD200 into installment using your BDO Credit Card. Simply call (02) 8631-8000 or apply online via

      Note: Cash Advance, any transaction associated with Gambling, any Money Transfer or similar cash transaction, and any other BDO installment transactions like Absolutely 0% Interest, EasyPay Regular Installment, etc. are not qualified for EasyPay Convert.

Get perks and privileges, freebies and discounts just by using your BDO UnionPay Credit Card at our partner stores. Whether you’re shopping, dining, traveling or simply relaxing, use your BDO UnionPay Credit Card and you’ll surely be DELIGHTED!

Bills Payment

  • Charge on Demand
    Don’t worry about your bills when going on vacation.  Use BDO Credit Card’s Charge-On-Demand.  This facility lets you charge your utility bills on a per need basis.  Simply log on to or call 8631-8000.

  • Auto Charge
    Hate lining up to pay bills? Too many due dates to remember? Pay your bills the fast and convenient way with BDO’s Auto-Charge.  This facility allows you to enroll multiple utility bills to your BDO Credit Card so you only have one due date to remember. To learn more about this facility, click here.

24-hour Customer Service
For your Customer Service needs, just call the 24-hour BDO Customer Contact Center at 8631-8000 or 1-800-10-6318000 (Domestic Toll Free).

Payment Channels

  • BDO Branch Counters – cash or check payments are accepted at any branch

  • BDO eBanking* – transact anytime, anywhere in the world, through

  • BDO Phone Banking* - access your BDO account to pay for your card using any touch-tone phone. Just call 8631-8000.

  • SM Bills Payment Counters – pay for your card through SM Bills Payment.
    *Enrolment of your BDO account is required to avail of this payment facility.

Worldwide Acceptance
BDO UnionPay Credit Cards are accepted worldwide wherever UnionPay cards are recognized.

Documentary Requirements
A. Applicants with Existing Credit Cards
Photocopy of the following:

  1. Credit card charge slip (not more than 30 days old from transaction date) or latest credit card statement of account
  2. Front of existing credit card
  3. Front and back of valid ID with signature and photo, issued and signed by an official authority: Passport, Driver's License, Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID, National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance, Police Clearance, Postal ID, Voter's ID, Barangay Certification, Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) E-Card, Social Security System (SSS) Card, TIN ID, Alien Certification of Registration or Immigrant Certificate of Registration, Government Office (e.g. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) IDs and other valid IDs issued by the Government and its instrumentalities
  4. Photocopy of your latest BIR Form 2316 signed by employer's authorized representative (for employed) or photocopy of latest ITR and W4 with BIR stamp (for self-employed)
B. Applicants without Existing Credit Card
  1. Proof of Income
    1. For Employed (Required):
      • Photocopy of latest BIR Form 2316 signed by employer's authorized representative AND one of the following:
        • Original copy of Certificate of Employment and Income (COEI) indicating status, length of service, and compensation breakdown
        • Photocopy of latest full month payslip
    2. For Self-Employed (Required):
      • Photocopy of Registration of Business Name
        • For Single Proprietorship issued by DTI
        • For Partnership/Corporation issued by SEC
      • Photocopy of latest ITR and W4 with BIT/Bank Stamp
        • Audited Financial Statements for the last 2 years; OR
        • Bank Statements for the last 3 months
  2. Proof of Identification
    (Please refer to the list of Government issued IDs in item no. 3, under A. For Applicants with Existing Credit Card/s)

For Foreigners

  1. Copy of Employment Contract or Certificate of Employment
  2. Letter from Embassy (if Embassy Official)
  3. Submit photocopy of ANY ONE of the following:
    • Valid Passport with Resident Visa
    • Work Permit and Valid Visa
    • Special Investor's Resident Visa and Visa's Philippine Economic Zone Authority or Visa with EO226
    • ACR or ICR or ACR-1

To apply for a BDO Diamond UnionPay Credit Card, call the BDO Customer Contact Center 8631-8000, Domestic Toll-Free at 1-800-10-6318000 (PLDT) or 1-800-3-6318000 (DIGITEL)

  • Principal Membership Fee. Free on the 1st three years
  • Supplementary Membership Fee: Free for life. Up to six (6) supplementary cards: Free for life.
  • Finance Charge
  • *Terms and Conditions apply