Bills Payment


Enjoy automatic monthly bills payment.
Enroll to Auto Charge today!


3 ways to enroll your bills. No documents required!


1. BDO Website

  2. Log in using your registered User ID and Password
  3. Select My Quick Links
  4. Select Credit Cards Bills Payment
  5. Select Auto Charge Arrangement
  6. Completely fill out the form and click submit

2. Customer Contact Center

          Call the BDO Customer Contact Center at 8631-8000 or 1-800-10-6318000 (Domestic Toll-Free)


3. SMS

Text AC<space>First Name<space>Last Name of subscriber/First 6 digits of Credit Card/Last 4 digits of Credit Card/Cardholder Date of Birth as MMDDYY/Merchant Name/Subscriber Account Number and send to 225678*.
 *Free of charge

AC Joy Celeste/518869/1234/111789/Meralco/0123456789
Note: One (1) SMS per enrollment.


Auto Charge Billers:

Bayantel Globe PGA Insurance Sun Cellular
Cable Link Manila Water PLDT Tagaytay Highlands, Inc.
Converge ICT Maynilad Sky Cable Tagaytay Midlands, Inc.
Digitel Meralco Smart The Country Club at Tagaytay Highlands, Inc.


Enroll as many utility bills as you want, provided:

  • There is sufficient credit card balance on your BDO Credit Card.
  • The utility bill you wish to settle is not enrolled in any Auto Debit/Auto Charge facility with another company.

Terms and Conditions apply.

BDO Auto Charge Payment Facility Terms and Conditions

  1. The Auto Charge Facility is an automated payment facility offered to BDO Credit Card holders (the “Cardholder”) to conveniently settle periodic bill/s (i.e. utility, telecommunications, premiums, membership, and the like) of accredited merchant partners by charging the amounts thereof to their BDO Credit Card through a one-time enrollment for automatic charge of the periodic bill/s. (“Auto Charge Settlement”).
  2. Only Principal Cardholders are qualified to enroll their periodic bill/s or the periodic bill/s of a third party subscriber in the Auto Charge Payment Facility of BDO Credit Cards.
  3. BDO Credit Card must be in Active and Current status prior to enrollment in the Auto Charge Payment Facility.
  4. BDO shall have the absolute discretion to approve or reject the enrollment application of the Cardholder with or without reason thereof and without the need of notification in case of rejection. In case of approval of the enrollment application, the Cardholder will be notified accordingly.
  5. Subject to approval of the enrollment application for Auto Charge Settlement, BDO shall automatically charge the periodic bill/s enrolled by the Cardholder to his/her BDO Credit Card account on due date of the bill/s.
  6. BDO shall charge to the enrolled BDO Credit Card account the amount due as indicated in the merchant partner’s statement of account with the exclusion of other charges not included therein. The Cardholder shall pay the bill/s due directly to the merchant partners only in case BDO has rejected the payment transaction or upon cancellation of the enrolled periodic bill account/s. Notwithstanding the enrollment of the periodic bill/s, the Cardholder is still responsible to examine his/her monthly statement of account.
  7. BDO shall have the absolute discretion to reject or cancel or disenrol any Auto Charge authorization even without notice to Cardholder on grounds such as, but not limited to:
  1. insufficiency or non-availability of credit card balance of the BDO Credit Card account;
  2. overdue balance on either the merchant or on the BDO Credit Card;
  3. suspended or past due status on either the merchant or on the BDO Credit Card;
  4. cardholder’s cancellation of his/her Auto Charge enrollment; and/or
  5. cancellation of BDO Credit Card

In such cases, the Cardholder and/or third party subscriber of the merchant partner shall not hold BDO and the merchant partner liable for any damage that the Cardholder and/or third party subscriber may suffer, directly or indirectly, by reason of such rejection or cancellation.

  1. The Cardholder hereby authorizes BDO to process late payment of the periodic bill/s without the need of notification and further authorization thereof, due to late payment instructions, late delivery of the periodic bill/s statement of account, or by reason of computer error. In such event, the Cardholder shall not hold BDO liable for any penalty, inconvenience, delay, damage, liability, loss or other consequences that may arise from such late payment including but not limited to, disconnection or interruption of services.
  2. In case of cancellation or suspension of the Auto Charge enrollment of the Cardholder and/or the Auto Charge enrollment of a third party subscriber account with a utility/service provider, the Cardholder agrees that he/she shall be solely responsible for informing the affected third party subscriber of the Auto Charge enrollment cancellation/suspension at the soonest time possible and without delay. The Cardholder shall indemnify and render BDO and the utility/service provider concerned free and harmless from any claim, action, suit, liability, damage whatsoever, which may arise as a result of or in connection with the failure or delay of the Cardholder to immediately inform the affected third party subscriber of the Auto Charge enrollment cancellation/suspension, and/or as a result of or in connection with the implementation of the Auto Charge enrollment cancellation/suspension.
  3. In case a new/replacement BDO Credit Card is issued in lieu of a lost/stolen BDO Credit Card or due to card upgrade or downgrade, the Cardholder hereby authorizes BDO to automatically process the reenrollment of the new/replacement BDO Credit Card without need of notice to or consent of Cardholder. However, the Cardholder has the obligation to monitor the periodic billings that become due during the process of re-enrollment, and pay the bills due directly to the merchant partner. Upon successful reenrollment, all previously enrolled Auto Charge accounts of Cardholder including the enrolled account of a third party subscriber shall be charged to his/her BDO Credit Card account. The new/replacement BDO Credit Card should have been activated prior to such re-enrollment.
  4. BDO shall inform the Cardholder within a reasonable time in case the payment agreement between BDO and the utility/service provider has been terminated. It is understood that the obligation of BDO to process payment of periodic bills under the Auto Charge Facility shall automatically cease upon termination of BDO’s agreement with the utility/service provider. Should the Cardholder decide to cancel his enrollment under the Auto Charge Facility, a letter of notification to BDO is required to effect such cancellation, and cancellation shall be effective only after fifteen (15) days from BDO’s receipt of such notification without prejudice to unpaid and accrued obligations of the Cardholder to BDO, if any.
  5. The following documents/requirements in the Auto Charge enrollment process constitute the Cardholder’s agreement to be bound by these Auto Charge Terms and Conditions.
    1. the signature of the Cardholder on the Auto Charge enrollment application form;
    2. the BDO Credit Card application form;
    3. the BDO Credit Card and/or other forms of documents evidencing charges to BDO Credit Card;
    4. his/her retention and/or use of the BDO Credit Card;
    5. online application through BDO website and submission of Auto Charge enrollment form;
    6. BDO Customer Contact Center application by affirming to the spiel through voice confirmation.
    7. SMS application sent to 225678 requesting for callback to enroll to Auto Charge and by affirming to the spiel through voice confirmation.
  1. The above Terms and Conditions may be amended and supplemented by BDO from time to time. TheTerms and Conditions governing the Issuance and Use of BDO Credit Card are hereby incorporated by reference and shall form an integral part hereof.