BDO shares ways to dispose of personal documents

Most people handle a lot of documents regularly, such as utility bills, bank statements, legal and government files, and employment papers that contain personal and confidential information.


BDO Unibank advises clients to secure these documents at all times and prevent others from accessing them to avoid being victimized by fraud. The bank said that scammers can easily use documents such as birth certificates, passports, and even old credit cards to steal their victims’ identities and hard-earned money online. Scammers can also use these to take over bank accounts or open new ones in their victims' names, which result in legal accountabilities for the victims.


Tips to dispose of key documents


BDO underscores the importance of properly disposing of sensitive documents that have already served their purpose to thwart scam attacks. The following are some helpful tips:

  • When your debit or credit card expires, punch several holes into its magnetic stripe and chip, then cut it up.
  • Shred your extra copies of birth certificates, expired passports or driver's license, and other documents that contain personal information like bank statements, receipts, and various certificates, among others. If you're using scissors to destroy them, make sure to cut through parts where personal information is printed on.


Clients can report suspicious incidents to, or get in touch with BDO's representatives by logging in Messenger and looking for BDO Customer Care with the blue verified checkmark from Facebook. They may also call the BDO hotline at 8631-8000.



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