Corporate Governance

Board Audit Committee



  • Empowered by the Board to oversee the financial reporting process, system of internal control and risk management systems, internal and external audit functions, and compliance with governance policies, applicable laws and regulations. Their oversight function covers the following areas:
  • On financial reporting, the committee reviews the integrity of the reporting process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of financial statements and compliance with financial reporting standards and disclosure requirements set for listed companies.
  • On internal control and risk management, it monitors and evaluates the adequacy, soundness and effectiveness of the Bank’s established internal control and risk management systems, policies and procedures including implementation across all units of the Bank to provide reasonable assurance against fraud or other irregularities and material misstatement or loss.
  • On internal and external audit, it recommends the appointment, reappointment and removal of the internal and external auditors, remuneration, approval of terms of audit engagement and payment of fees. It reviews non-audit work, if any, ensuring that it would not conflict with their duties as external auditors or may pose a threat to their independence.
  • It approves the annual audit plan and reviews audit results including the BSP Report of Examination focusing on significant findings with financial impact and its resolution. It reviews the implementation of corrective actions to ensure that these are done in a timely manner to address deficiencies, non-compliance with policies, laws and regulations.
  • On compliance, it recommends the approval of the Compliance Charter and reviews the performance of the Chief Compliance Officer. It also reviews the annual plans of the Compliance Office including the Anti-Money Laundering Unit (AMLU), and evaluates the effectiveness of the regulatory compliance framework and governance policies and practices of the Bank to ensure that these are consistently applied and observed throughout the institution.



Jose F. Buenaventura

Independent Director


Jones M. Castro, Jr.

Non-Executive Director


Vicente S. Pérez, Jr.

Independent Director



Christopher A. Bell-Knight

Corazon S. de la Paz-Bernardo

Jesus A. Jacinto, Jr.