Mastercard Corporate Card


BDO Corporate Card

The ideal solution in managing travel and entertainment expense

BDO Corporate Card is a special international company-guaranteed-liability credit card issued to companies for use of employees in business/official expenditures such as Travel and Entertainment (T&E), Office Supplies, and other business expenses that would better manage Corporate expenditures and control employee spending.
Employee Convenience
Cashless Transaction Reduce the need for carrying cash or petty cash advances. Your employees can use their BDO Corporate card to pay for their expenses wherever MasterCard is accepted.
Customer Service Availability of 24/7 Customer Service Hotline that will benefit Company employees while on travel.
Free Travel Insurance Assured employee security while on business travel with the complimentary travel accident and inconvenience insurance coverage you get in using the BDO Corporate Card
Auto Charge Payments Consolidate and streamline payments for utilities with the rest of Corporate expenditures such as electricity, phone bills, internet access which save time and effort of  employees.
Increase Savings and Efficiency
Single Currency Billing
Manage cash flow as all transactions are automatically converted to your 
selected billing currency 
One Cut off and Due date
Reduce administrative cost and duties by simplifying the purchase and 
reimbursement process and cutting down manual check issuance.
Extends Company’s credit line as payment becomes due 25 days after 
Get monthly Corporate and Individual Billing Statements.  Your Company 
And employees can quickly and easily review statements and reconcile charges.  Plus scheduled payment of expenses reduce the need for constant monitoring and backtracking
Payment Convenience
Pay over the counter in over 700+ BDO branches nationwide or you can also enroll in our Auto-Debit Facility.
Expense Management Solutions for Greater Security and Control
Company assigned limits
Set separate credit limits by individual Cardholder or by employee group to enforce your purchasing policies and employee benefits. 
Global Acceptance and Purchasing Flexibility
Worldwide Acceptance
Leverage on MasterCard global network.  MasterCard Corporate cards are accepted at more than 24 million locations in more than 160 countries.
Cash advance via ATMs worldwide
Availability of Web-based access to monthly Management Information Reports

Monthly Management Information (MI) Reports with unique user access are available through BDO website.  This will easily track and analyze employee spend and transaction details, ensure compliance, access reports anytime and secure Company data and identify cost savings opportunities. 

The MI reports includes:
Cardmember Spending Report Summary of spending made by cardmembers for the period
Statement of Account Report Mother Statement of Corporate Accounts
Expense Management Report Transaction details of each cardholder for the period (cut-off)
Supplementary Report Other viable information of cardholders
Industry Spend Report Spend made per merchant industry
Availment of services is subject to fees and charges which will be charged to your BDO Corporate Card.
Please check Terms and Conditions for details. Click here to view Table of Fees and Charges.

  • Annual Membership Fee
  • Late Payment Fee
    P1,500 / US$30 or 7% of unpaid amount, whichever is lower.
  • Lost Card Replacement Fee
  • * Terms and Conditions Apply