American Express Corporate Card


The American Express® Corporate Card is a unique solution that effectively manages your Company’s expenses and positively impacts your bottom line

A simpler, smarter and better way to manage your Company’s expenses
The American Express® Corporate Card is not just an efficient way to pay for your business expenses, it is a complete expense management solution.  It helps Companies like yours to compete more effectively in the marketplace by optimizing spend to benefit your Company and employees, providing you with:
Without effective control, your Company’s expenses could easily spiral upwards.  The American Express® Corporate Card programme has built-in control features that will help you reign in expenses
Corporate Card Hierarchy
Strengthen internal controls through the creation of a Corporate Card Hierarchy.  The hierarchy is a structure, or operational framework, that ensures you can provide the required controls, billing and management reporting at various levels within your organization..  These options extend right down to the management of individual Card accounts.
Overall spend limits on each card:  Set individual spending limits for each Card, depending on specific employee needs.  For example, a Sales Manager may require a higher spend limit, to cover frequent airfares and hotels, in comparison to your Human Resources Manager.
Cash limits:  Cash limits cap the amount that can be withdrawn from ATMs and can be 
set, or restricted, at Cardmember level. 
Industry/ Merchant limits:  These limits allow employees to spend only at certain
merchants or industries.  The amount transacted at any merchant can also be set on the basis of your Company’s requirements.
Our secure online portal gives you access to free pre-formatted reports that meet most companies’ standard reporting needs.  Reports are available monthly in HTML format.   You can use  these reports to analyze billed transactions and perform text searches for information within the reports.  
The suite of reports includes:
Financial Management Reports
Cardmember Spending Report                         
Expense Management Report                          
Itemised Expense Report
Corporate Card Account Remittance Report
Programme Management Report             
Interim Aging Report
Supplier Management Report                                    
Industry Spending Report
American Express @ Work                                    
Multinational Clients may also gain access to daily and/or monthly data files, to upload into their back office systems, as well as American Express® @Work. @Work is a business-to-business suite of reporting products that enables Clients to create their own customized reporting online, perform real time queries on daily data and pull data downloads to a PC
American Express can help you  drive significant savings across practically all your business expenses.
American Express™ Selects
American Express™ Selects offers an exciting bouquet of privileges, offers and discounts, especially when it comes to your Company’s travel and entertainment costs.  
American Express Management Reports
Our clients use our management reports to drive supplier negotiations providing savings from hotels and air travel to offices supplies and telecommunications.
Business is about time and efficiency, and the American Express® Corporate Card solution works to provide you with these benefits   
Billing cycle & format options
In order to suit your Company’s payment process requirements, we provide you with a choice of different billing cycle options.  You also enjoy more control with various liability options and customized billing  formats . Billing options include: individually billed, centrally paid; individually billed, individually paid and centrally billed, centrally paid.
Recurring billing facility  
This facility eliminates the administrative processes that monthly bill payments can entail.  Ideal for monthly bills, such as electricity and phone bills, this facility saves considerable time and effort for your employees and administrators.
The American Express® Corporate Card program is most powerful when all Corporate spend is placed on the Card. Our Membership Rewards Programme is a powerful loyalty programme that rewards individual Cardmembers on Corporate Card spend.  
American Express Membership Rewards
Every Php45 spent earns 1 Reward point.  These points can be transferred into participating frequent flyer or guest programmes for their personal use.  Points can also be redeemed for other exclusive rewards from shopping vouchers and dining privileges to travel, hotel stays and even charity donations.  What’s more, unlike other Credit Card programmes, Membership Rewards points never expire!
Enjoy greater peace of mind with added Cardmember benefits
Be it at work or while traveling for business, Cardmembers can enjoy a host of best in class services, each designed to enhance the experience and value of being a part of the Corporate Card programme.
Emergency Services
  • Cash Access:  Cash Advance access allows employees to withdraw cash from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) worldwide.
  • Emergency Card Replacement:  If lost of stolen, we will replace your Card within 48 hours of notification.
  • Global Assist:  If you are overseas and find yourself in need of emergency medical or legal assistance, American Express® Global Assist will help you and your Cardmembers by providing  the needed advice, services  and/or support.
Complimentary Insurance
Business Travel Accident Insurance and Travel Inconvenience Insurance are automatically 
provided to all Cardmembers when they charge scheduled common carrier travel tickets to their Corporate Card.
Global Recognition
The American Express® Corporate Card is recognized globally and warmly accepted by millions of establishments worldwide. American Express® operates one of the world’s largest travel agency networks, and Cardmembers can automatically receive help in person at any American Express® Travel Service location worldwide. 
American Express® Gold Corporate Cards are also available for frequent flyers and/or Senior Management. These Cards provide enhanced privileges over the classic Corporate Card, please contact us to find out more.
Find Out More
To find out more about the American Express® Corporate Card, you may submit your details via this link.
Availment of services is subject to fees and charges which will be charged to your BDO American Express Card.
Please check Terms and Conditions for details. Click here to view Table of Fees and Charges.

  • Annual Membership Fee
  • Late Payment Fee
    P1,500 / US$30 or 7% of unpaid amount, whichever is lower.
  • Cash Advance Fee
    P200 or US$4 per transaction
  • *Terms and Conditions Apply