How to Find Dividend Paying Stocks in The Philippines


A wonderful feature of many stocks is the reward of dividends to shareholders.  Not all stocks trading on the Philippine Stock Exchange pay dividends to their shareholders, but many large blue-chip companies do pay dividends. 

Dividends payments can be an attractive form of stock market investing.  The payments can be made annually, quarterly, even monthly, and they come in the form of cash payments.  Dividends can be a way to replace income, or they can be a way to use income to purchase more shares of stock.

When it comes to searching for dividend-paying stocks with healthy dividend yields, there is a great way to find them using BDO Securities’ Weekly Wrap.


Using the Weekly Wrap to find dividend stocks in the Philippines

Each week BDO Securities releases a report called the Weekly Wrap.  This report highlights many topics related to the prior week’s trading, as well as the upcoming week’s events. 

The second page of the Weekly Wrap includes a detailed Stock Coverage section which features a column with the dividend yield of the 40 plus stocks covered by BDO Securities analysts.  Below is a section of the Weekly Wrap with the Dividend Yield column in RED:

Weekly Wrap Dividend Metrics Weekly Wrap Dividend Metrics


The stock coverage report shows the dividend yields of many stocks…but what makes the Weekly Wrap powerful is the Dividend Yield column combined with the Upside/Downside column:

Weekly Wrap Dividend Metrics Weekly Wrap Dividend Metrics


Combining the dividend yield of companies with the BDO Securities analyst ratings and projected upside/downside of stocks can help you find both dividend stocks with healthy yields AND stocks with buy ratings / healthy projected upsides.


How to find the Weekly Wrap

To find the Weekly Wrap, log into your BDO Securities account and click on the Market Research icon:

Weekly Wrap Dividend Metrics Weekly Wrap Dividend Metrics


Once you’re inside the Market Research window, click Advanced Search on the upper right-hand corner.



Once you’re in the advanced search, type in Monthly Outlook then click search.



Now all Weekly Wraps will show.



Conclusion – How to find dividend-paying stocks in the Philippines

Dividends paying stocks can be desirable for many long-term investors.  You can use BDO Securities' Weekly Wrap to not only find dividend-paying stocks, but also find stocks the BDO Securities analysts think have the best upside potential.

Combining dividend yield with high upside stocks can be a powerful way for you to invest in companies paying dividends in the Philippines.


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