Trust and Investments


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Unit Investment Trust Funds

Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) are open-ended pooled trust funds made available to interested investors through units of participation which are valued on a marked-to-market basis.


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Easy Investment Plan


The Easy Investment Plan (EIP) is a wealth build-up scheme that allows you to reach your desired financial goals and wellness through regular saving and investing.


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Customized Portfolio Management

If you wish to have a customized investment portfolio, open a Trust or Investment Management Account with BDO Trust and let its expertise work for you. BDO Trust will manage your funds, aiming to make the most of your money while taking into account your investment objectives, preferred type of securities and strategies and set guidelines.


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Buy and Sell Escrow


BDO oversees your deals from start to finish, the bank acts as an escrow agent to protect the interests of the contracting parties while conditions, upon which their contract is contingent are being fulfilled.


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Investment Management Advisory

The Investment Management Advisory is where BDO Trust offers advisory and consultancy services aimed to create and increase wealth through investments and other available means.


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