Investment Ideas




At BDO Securities, we know how difficult it can be to find stock market investment ideas.  That’s why we publish a variety of reports and commentaries – ranging from daily to weekly/quarterly.  Many beginner investors love the WEEKLYWRAP and Stock of the Week reports.  Traders tend to love the Technically Speaking and Daily Digest reports.  For those more advanced investors, we even have stock Coverage Reports.  Learn more about BDO Securities quality reports below.





The WEEKLYWRAP is a powerful piece of material published weekly by BDO Securities.  The first page of the report highlights different stocks to watch for the upcoming week, a review of the previous trading week, a market analysis of the upcoming week, the best performers, the worst performers, and the most traded stocks of the previous week.


The second page of the WEEKLYWRAP includes coverage information regarding the universe of stocks BDO Securities covers.  A great deal of important information can be found in the coverage section of the WEEKLYWRAP - from price to earnings ratios to the upside/downside of specific stocks.



Stock of the Week



Each week the BDO Securities team issues the Stock of the Week report.  This report focuses on a stock that has been heavily traded during the prior week.  The Stock of the Week can feature either a stock with a sell rating, buy rating, or a neutral rating.  The sections of the report include important financial quotes regarding the company, a short synopsis of the company, a summary of what changed leading to the high volume of trading, and a 12-month chart comparing the company to the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi).


Daily Digest



Every morning during the trading week BDO Securities publishes the Daily Digest.  This report includes a market commentary, macro news, sector/company news, market review, market movers, as well as a second page containing helpful charts.  Each section of the Daily Digest helps investors keep up to date with the everchanging market on a daily basis.  The Daily Digest is a useful tool to read each morning before trading.


Technically Speaking



Technically Speaking is a technical analysis based commentary published throughout the trading week. Every Monday we highlight the Philippine Stock Exchange Index and feature two individual stocks. We also issue commentaries on various stocks throughout the week. Our commentary includes important information to help traders such as Target Price, Buy Price, Stop Level, and Upside/Downside potential of trades.


Trade Recap



The first week of every month we issue our Trade Recap so you can follow the performance of our trade ideas. This commentary tracks the performance of our published Technically Speaking trade ideas from the previous month. We calculate the return our ideas would have gained if you invested P10,000 equally into each idea. We also provide an update to our ideas including whether the stock price HIT or MISSED our buy price, if the idea was stopped out or if it was a failed setup, and whether you should HOLD, TAKE PROFIT or MONITOR the position.