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Brand Model Year Mileage Color Plate No. View Advertised Price Location
Foton Tornado 3.5C F-VAN Plain, M/T, DSL 2017 68T White CS# GB 9833 (WITHOUT PLATES) 533,000 QC
Foton Tornado 4.5 C 3.8L, M/T, DSL 2015 32T White NAD 8244 (WITHOUT PLATES)
349,000 QC
Foton Tornado 4.8 C Dropside 6WH, M/T, DSL 2019 16T White FAG 3025
618,000 Bulacan
Foton Tornado 4.8C w/ Telescopic Crane, M/T, DSL 2019 25T White NGA 1382 (VIRTUAL PLATES) 1,065,000 Bulacan
Foton Tornado F-Van 4.2 C 3.8L 14 Feet, M/T, DSL 2020 57T White NGY 1077
852,000 Cavite
Foton Tornado M4.2C 6W Refrigerated Van, M/T, DSL 2020 52T White CAY 7228 (WITHOUT PLATES) 1,119,000 Bulacan
Foton Transvan Hi-Roof 16 Str 2.8L, M/T, DSL 2018 19T Yellow NDI 1417
533,000 Cavite
Foton View Transvan 12Str 2.8L, M/T, DSL 2017 106T White CS# GB8265 (WITHOUT PLATES) 643,000 Taguig, FD
Foton View Transvan 2.8L, M/T, DSL 2018 50T Silver CS# GC2093 (WITHOUT PLATES)
480,000 Cavite
Foton View Traveller 16 Str 2.8, M/T, DSL 2017 180T (per checklist) White FAB 5186
528,000 Bacolod
Foton View Traveller 16 Str 2.8L, M/T, DSL 2018 31T Black NAQ 3247
639,000 SM City Novaliches
Foton View Traveller 16 Str 2.8L, M/T, DSL 2018 35T White FAD 4594 810,000 QC
Foton View Traveller 16 Str 2.8L, M/T, DSL 2018 189T White DAD 3171 639,000 Cavite
Foton View Traveller 16 Str 2.8L, M/T, DSL 2020 27T Black NFN 4902 CS# IO1871 (WITHOUT PLATES)
767,000 QC
Foton View Traveller 16-STR 2.8, M/T, DSL 2017 104T White NCQ 9469
658,000 QC
Foton View Traveller Van 2.8, M/T, DSL 2016 143T Silver CS# GB4523 (WITHOUT PLATES)
311,000 Bacolod
Foton View Traveller XL 19 Str 2.8, M/T, DSL 2019 10T White KAD 1239 810,000 Panabo City
Foton View Traveller XL, M/T, DSL 2020 160T White HAB 7368
1,007,000 SM City Novaliches
GAC GN6 1.5 Turbo GE, A/T, GAS 2021 18T Elegant Black LAG 8260
884,000 Panabo City
Honda BR-V 1.5 S CVT, A/T, GAS 2020 3T Tafetta White NGD 4842 (CRE) / CS# E2 I750 (WITHOUT PLATES)
767,000 Taguig, Fort Victoria


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