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Brand Model Year Mileage Color Plate No. View (Click for Bid Price) Buy Me Now Price Location
Ford Ranger XLT 4x2 2.2, M/T, DSL 2018 33T Cool White CS# C1 E747 (WITHOUT PLATES) 847,000 Panabo City
Ford Ranger XLT Double Hi Rider 4x2 2.2L, A/T, DSL 2013 154T Highlight Silver BOY 06 650,000 QC
Foton Gratour MIDI Wing Van 8Ft, M/T, DSL 2018 5T White CS# I0 C131 (WITHOUT PLATES) 490,000 Gen. Santos
Foton Gratour V33 1.2L, M/T, Gas 2016 19T White CS# GB6226 (WITHOUT PLATES) 265,000 Bacolod
Foton Gratour Van, M/T, GAS 2016 6T Blue CS# GB5529 (WITHOUT PLATE) 254,000 Bacolod
Foton Gratour Van, M/T, Gas 2016 11T Brown CS# GB4670 (WITHOUT PLATES) 256,000 Bacolod
Foton Gratour Van, M/T, GAS 2016 24T Gray CS# GB4700 (WITHOUT PLATES) 245,000 Bacolod
Foton Gratour Van, M/T, Gas 2016 25T Silver FAA 8347 187,000 Equitable Tower Makati
Foton Thunder 4x2 2.8, M/T, DSL 2016 62T Black CS# GB3418 (WITHOUT PLATES) 554,000 Bacolod
Foton Thunder 4x2 2.8L, M/T, DSL 2016 30T White CS# GB5532 (WITHOUT PLATES) 564,000 Bacolod
Foton Thunder 4x2 2.8L, M/T, DSL 2016 36T Black CS# GB5550 (WITHOUT PLATES) 520,000 Bacolod
Foton Toplander 4x2 2.8, M/T, DSL 2016 24T Black CS# GB6325 (WITHOUT PLATES) 588,000 Bacolod
Foton Toplander 4x2 EL, A/T, DSL 2018 25T Black CS# GC2624 (WITHOUT PLATES) 762,000 Taguig
Foton Toplander 4x4 2.8L, M/T, DSL 2016 54T Pyrenese Black FAA 7263 (WITHOUT PLATES) 522,000 YMCA (Manila)
Foton Toplander 4x4, M/T, DSL 2016 8T Black CS# GB3496 (WITHOUT PLATES) 793,000 Gen. Santos
Foton Toplander EL 4x2 2.8, A/T, DSL 2018 15T Gray NDA 8610 783,000 QC
Foton Tornado 2.5 (PN/CHM) / 3.5 (CRE) Mini Dumptruck, M/T, DSL 2016 41T White ADM 7585 (WITHOUT PLATES) 580,000 Bacolod
Foton Tornado 2.5L Cab & Chassis Aluminum Van, M/T, DSL 2014 N/A White AAF 6906 299,000 Panabo City
Foton Tornado 2ETurbo MPV 2.8, M/T, DSL 2016 92T White FAB 6298 506,000 Bacolod
Foton Tornado 3.5C F-VAN Plain, M/T, DSL 2017 68T White CS# GB 9833 (WITHOUT PLATES) 592,000 QC


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