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Ford Escape Ecoboost SE FWD 1.6L, A/T, Gas 2015 (OR/CRE) 2016 (PN/CHM) 45T Tuxedo Black CS# IJ0440 (WITHOUT PLATES)
682,000 Panabo
Ford Everest 4x2 2.2, A/T, DSL 2016 36T Sunset Red CS# IM 5567 (WITHOUT PLATES) 1,172,000 QC
Ford Everest Ambiente 2.2 4x2, M/T, DSL 2016 67T Cool White CS# IJ6271 (WITHOUT PLATES)
757,000 Panabo City
Ford Everest Titanium 4x2 2.2 Premium, A/T, DSL 2018 11T Meteor Gray CS# C1 J445 (WITHOUT PLATES)
1,470,000 Panabo City
Ford Everest Titanium 4x2 2.2 Premium, A/T, DSL 2018 15T Aluminum Metallic CS# C1 E486 (WITHOUT PLATES)
1,449,000 Panabo City
Ford Everest Titanium 4x2 2.2, A/T, DSL 2016 31T Cool White CS# IL 6409 (WITHOUT PLATES)
1,172,000 Fort Victoria, Taguig
Ford Everest Trend 2.2 4x2, A/T, DSL 2017 44T Jet Black CS# C0 P057 (WITHOUT PLATES) 1,135,000 QC
Ford Explorer 2.0 4x2 Ltd, A/T, Gas 2014 53T Deep Impact Blue ATA 3200 1,278,000 QC
Ford Explorer Limited 4x2 Ecoboost 2.8, A/T, GAS 2015 31T Black ABM 5715 1,177,000 Fort Victoria, Taguig
Ford Explorer Sport 4DR 4x4 3.5, A/T, Gas 2016 42T Shadow Black CS# IL1278 (WITHOUT PLATES) 1,598,000 QC
Ford Fiesta 1.5 Sport 5DR, A/T, GAS 2015 N/A Highlight Silver ABJ 2662 331,000 Fort Victoria, Taguig
Ford Fiesta 5DR MID 1.5, A/T, Gas 2016 27T Phanter Black CS# IL6768 (WITHOUT PLATES) 447,000 QC
Ford Fiesta 5DR MID 1.5, M/T, Gas 2018 11T Red Candy CS# IO8949 (WITHOUT PLATES)
416,000 QC
Ford Fiesta 5DR Sport 1.0, A/T, GAS 2017 45T Panther Black CS# IN 5171 (WITHOUT PLATES)
437,000 Taguig
Ford Fiesta 5DR Sport 1.6, A/T, GAS 2013 49T Arctic White WBO 734 196,000 QC
Ford Fiesta Trend 1.5L, M/T, Gas 2014 N/A Black Mica AAN 3964 224,000 Gen. Santos
Ford Fiesta Trend 5DR 1.5, A/T, GAS 2014 43T Black CS# IG9302 (WITHOUT PLATES) 120,000 Bacolod
Ford Focus 1.8L 5DR, A/T, Gas 2008 74T Silver ZSE 599
155,000 QC
Ford Focus 2.0 4DR Titanium, A/T, Gas 2013 93T Brisbane Brown WQG 615
352,000 QC
Ford Focus Trend 1.6L, A/T, Gas 2014 91T Winning Blue AAN 3668 304,000 QC


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