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Wealth Protection & Distribution

Preserving Your Wealth

We advice you on the best framework for holding and preserving your wealth so that you can achieve your long-term goals.  One or a combination of structures or vehicles will allow you to efficiently manage and distribute your wealth.


•     Trust or Foundation.  A trust or foundation is a way to ensure preservation and continuity of your wealth through generations.  We can act as your trustee and ensure that your letter of wishes are complied with.

•     Corporate Structure.  If utilizing your assets in an operating company is part of your wealth management plan, we will advise you on the legal structures that can hold your assets, optimize exposures and enhance the long-term integrity of your wealth.

•     Life Insurance.  Insurance can be an effective way of providing for the future needs of your family or beneficiaries.  With a well-designed policy or special needs trust, you can provide for education, health care, retirement, and succession.

•     Advisory and Reporting.  Whatever you do with your wealth has certain implications; tax, legal or reporting.   Our advisors are here to inform you of the relevant laws and regulations to ensure that your wealth plan is compliant and sustainable

Creating a Long-term Relationship

As your wealth grows in size your needs evolve and become more complex.  BDO Private Bank can provide you with a more comprehensive service to ensure that all your requirements and needs are properly coordinated to achieve your goals.

Asset Consolidation.  You may still want to actively manage investment accounts and assets, but need to simplify the monitoring process through an asset consolidator.
Asset Administration.  If you belong to a family with an exceptional amount of wealth, you may need a more comprehensive and integrated service to manage all forms of capital and wealth. Our asset administration service is designed to handle the growth of the family’s wealth or business, ensure continued prosperity and prepare for succession.

BDO Private Bank’s wealth management solutions will help you deal with the challenges you face today, as well as guide you in preparing for the future.  As we extend our relationship with you, together we can achieve your long-term objectives.


Available Services:

• Living Trust

     • Estate Life Insurance Trust

     • Professional Pension Trust

     • Special Educational Trust

     • Other Special Purpose Trusts

• Testamentary Trust

• Legacy, Endowment and Charitable Trust

• Special Purpose Trust