Wealth Management Services

Planning involves the identification of assets that need to be utilized to ensure that your financial independence continues. We help you allocate these assets for your specific purposes, and assess your tolerance for risk in setting up your medium- and long-term portfolios. Whether you prefer a directed or discretionary approach in implementing your plan, you have access to our open architecture platform for execution services, and the expertise of our senior wealth advisors and analysts.



After you have laid out your plans for the future, we decide on the investment approach according to your risk aversion. You may delegate the investment of your wealth to us or you can avail of our advisory services to assist you in decision-making. We make available for you three approaches in managing your wealth: managed account, advisory account, and execution.


We advise you on the best framework for holding and preserving your wealth so that you can achieve your long-term goals. One or a combination of structures or vehicles will allow you to efficiently manage and distribute your wealth. BDO Private Bank’s wealth management solutions will help you deal with the challenges you face today, as well as guide you in preparing for the future. As we extend our relationship with you, together we can achieve your long-term objectives.


BDO Private Bank has a long-standing culture of discretion in handling the affairs of its clients; this is fundamental in establishing a successful wealth management relationship anchored on trust. The interest of the Bank is aligned with your interest. We only consider products that pass through the stringent and rigorous evaluation by our Risk Management and Credit Evaluation Groups. Our advisors will only recommend financial products that fit your investment goals, and they will explicitly disclose to you the risks involved in investing.