How do I make the right choices and optimize the earnings from my investments?

You can accumulate and grow your wealth through a wide variety of products and services that can help you increase your earnings potential and upgrade your lifestyle. In this endeavor, we at BDO Private Bank propose to be your reliable partner, one who will work with you towards sustainable wealth accumulation and growth. As an intermediary for your personal and business needs, we do not simply execute your transactions but actually serve as your guide in building and maintaining your lifestyle.

BDO Private Bank aims to build a fruitful and lasting relationship with you. To start with, our task is to help you determine where you are now in terms of your financial situation, understand your goals, and define your life plans. We then lay down the milestones you want to achieve and seek out the investments and assets that will allow you to meet your objectives.

In helping you realize various options and opportunities, we are able to lead you to the right investment instruments that can best optimize your earning potential.

How do I efficiently sustain the lifestyle I've established for myself & my family?

Purpose is essential in protecting and sustaining the value of your wealth. It prevents you from exposing your entire principal and income to various risks. In this sense, purpose regulates your investments with respect to your life goal. The most common long-term investments are those intended for the education of our children and for the enjoyment of our retirement years.

Just as you begin in your professional career or have started to organize a new business venture, BDO Private Bank will be there to assist you in making the wise decisions that will protect you and your family's needs. You may think you have saved enough for the future, but economic forces, such as inflation, can affect the real value of your savings. Therefore, investment planning is a must.

For the care of your children, we can create an investment vehicle to build up their Special Educational Fund. Unlike typical plants in the market where a future lump sum amount is guaranteed by the plan issuer, you have full control over the amount of the educational fund and the type of investments that will go to into this special fund. As you continue to grow your wealth, you can already set aside funds and secure an accessible means to build your children's future.

BDO Private Bank sees retirement as your rewarding phase. It is that point in your life where you can stop working for money, and allow it to start working for you. The power to realize the life you deserve to live is in yourself. With an early start, you can build up your wealth, safeguard it, and eventually bring your dream to reality. Along this path, let BDO Private Bank's expertise work to your advantage.

How do I secure my assets and business interests for the benefit of my family?

We will customize an asset protection structure specifically for you based on your life plan. We at BDO Private Bank understand that providing for your family's needs is your utmost concern. That's why we make sure that if anything should happen to you, your family and your business interests are both well taken care of.

BDO Private Bank can tailor-fit financial structures for your special conditions, whether you are a professional of a business owner. We will advise you on the best possible way to protect your assets and make the efficient transfer in case of any eventuality. If you are a business owner, we will assist you in creating a structure so that your business interests or their fruits redound to the benefit of your family at the soonest possible time.

Having your family's interest further in mind, BDO Private Bank can provide asset protection in terms of shielding your personal assets to ensure that these are enjoyed by your family and beneficiaries, while your business interests are kept and managed separately. We can formulate structures to protect the assets that should go to your family.

Tax is an underlying theme in all of these stages because taxes always diminish your actual income.

Part of our advice will consider relevant tax laws and regulations that will affect your personal wealth and your business ownership. We will look into ways to maximize the yield from your properties and investments and ensure that your family benefit from these fruits without having to wait for long estate proceedings.

When is the best time to think about consolidating my assets for my next generation and what is the best way to do it?

It is always the best to plan for the future as early as possible. You can rely on our expertise to help you set goals, create succession plans, and evaluate the impact of the decisions you make.

As your advisor, BDO Private Bank offers a wide menu of customized investment options that will protect your assets from inflation, fluctuating market rates, and other effects of an ever-changing business climate. We can even structure an asset protection scheme to suit your special conditions and special circumstances. We will guide you through the process of defining your financial situation, determining where you want to bring your wealth in the future, and further, deciding on how and when you want to distribute your assets among your family and other beneficiaries. And while your wealth is in the process of distribution, BDO Private Bank, as your Trustee, will ensure that your assets will continue to grow for their benefit.