Dollar Trust Account



Maximize the earnings potential of your dollar funds through our US Dollar Trust Account. Investing has been made easy and convenient for you. You can choose from among our many investment outlets offered daily. Investments can be in the form of time deposits, sovereign bonds, prime loan papers which provide choices and competitive returns in the management of your dollar investment funds.

Client Suitability

The US Dollar Trust Account is best suited for individuals with US Dollar funds for investment and would want to gain access to international investing. They may not have the time to manage their own funds or have limited investment options accessible to them.

Product Features

Currency: US Dollars (US$)
Minimum Amount: US$ 20,000.00
Minimum Additional: US$ 20,000.00
Maintaining Balance: US$ 20,000.00
Term of Investment/s: Based on term of the investment outlet/underlying security
Fee Rate: 0.25% p.a. (based on grossinterest rate)
Eligibility: Filipino citizens and resident aliens of the Philippines
Interest Rate: Prevailing market rate of available investment outlet
Trading Period: 12:00 noon
Taxation: In accordance with the provisions of Republic Act No. 10963, otherwise known as the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act, effective 1 January 2018, interest income  from foreign currency-denominated time deposits are subject to a final tax rate of 15%of such interest income.
Allowable Investments: Dollar denominated government securities, deposits and other fixed income instruments approved by the BSP and the BDO Trust Committee for investment management arrangements
Withdrawal of Principal: On a per Disclosure Statement basis, subject to prevailing market prices

Benefits to Clients

Professional Fund Management

BDO Trust has one of the largest assets under management in the country today - a testament to the public's continued vote of confidence in its trust and investment management services. Because of its size, debt issuers as well as investors go to BDO Trust when they need to borrow funds or when they have funds to invest, respectively. This has made BDO Trust a favorite meeting place of fund investors and borrowers alike.

Customized Portfolio

With a minimum investment of US$ 20,000.00, our seasoned fund managers can utilize an investment portfolio of securities fitted to your investment objectives, risk appetite and investment outlook. The end goal is to provide you with superior returns, taking into account your risk-reward profile.

Diversification and Flexibility of Investments

Your funds can be invested in your choice of one or several investment outlets. You also have the option to withdraw the income earned from your investments, regularly or upon your request.

Competitive Returns

You have the discretion to invest your funds in specific instruments giving you more flexibility. Moreover, your funds are not subject to reserve requirements thus allowing full investment of your fund for maximum earnings.

Administrative Ease

Trustee Bank provides financial statements, documentation and legal assistance, and representations with government agencies concerned.


Dollar Trust Account Documentation Requirements:

  1. Account Opening Kit
    • Customer Account Record – Trust
    • Investor Profile Questionnaire (IPQ)
    • Client Investment Suitability (CIS)
    • Risk Disclosure Statement (RDS)
    • Signature Card
  2. Trust Agreement
  3. Investment Instruction Letter
  4. Supplemental Agreement (if any)
  5. Standard account opening requirements and procedures
    • Photocopy of 2 valid IDs
    • 2 Sets of Signature cards
    • For foreign investors: Special Philippine Residency VISA/IDs


Important:  Effective January 1, 2018, we have adopted the provisions of Philippine Financial Reporting Standards 9 (PFRS 9) on the classification and measurement, impairment, and accounting for hedges (as applicable) for managed funds and portfolios as required of all BSP-supervised financial institutions.