Free Airport Lounge access


  1.  All BDO Diamond Rewards Cardholders are entitled to a maximum of 6 free airport lounge access, inclusive of 1 guest per visit, from Jan 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2019.
         • A BDO Diamond Rewards Cardholder using the airport lounge unaccompanied by a
           guest is counted as one (1) access.
         • When a BDO Diamond Rewards Cardholder brings in a guest to the lounge, this will be
            counted as two (2) of the 6 free accesses.
  2. To gain access, simply present a valid BDO Diamond Rewards card at the entrance. No card,
    no entry. Name on BDO Rewards Card must match the boarding pass.
  3. Free lounge perks include:
          • Buffet / finger foods
          • Assortment of hot and cold beverages
          • Restroom and Shower room
          • Free WIFI access
          • Luggage area
  4. The count of the 6 free lounge access is based on the total number of lounges visited,
    regardless of the date or partner lounge establishment.
  5. The coverage of the 6 free lounge access is from Jan 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2019.
  6. BDO Rewards shall monitor the visits of each BDO Diamond Rewards Cardholder.  In excess
    of the 6 visits shall be for the account of the Cardholder. Payment can be in the form of
    Rewards points, cash, or credit card.  It is based on the rate of the corresponding lounge/s.
  7. In excess of 1 guest shall be for the account of the Cardholder.  Children below 5 years
    old are free of charge.
  8. The free airport lounge access is non-transferable.
  9. Airport Lounge Partners are located at:

    NAIA Terminal 1

    NAIA Terminal 3

    Club Manila


    Pacific Club Lounge

    Skyview Lounge

    The Wings Transit Lounge

  10. These terms and conditions may be amended or supplemented by BDO Rewards from time to time without need of consent from or notice to BDO Diamond Rewards Cardholders.
  11. BDO Diamond Rewards cardholders are subject to the respective lounge’s  terms and conditions.  BDO shall not be held liable, and members shall hold BDO free and harmless from any claims arising from a member’s failure to comply with the relevant lounger’s terms and conditions, as the case may be.