BDO Remit (USA) Inc.

Applicable only to existing remittance clients of BDO Remit (USA), Inc.


Customer Information Sheet

Sending remittance for the first time? We want to know you better. Please fill-out and submit this form when you visit any of our BDO Remit offices abroad.

Remittance Application Form (RAF)  [Download]


Phone To Remit

A BDO Remit service in the US that allows existing remittance clients of BDO Remit (USA), Inc. to send money to the Philippines over the phone. No more driving to the post office! No more trips to the bank. Send money from the comfort of your home.
For more details, call 1-800-472-3252.

Phone to Remit Enrollment Form [Download]


Remittance Mail-Ins

BDO Remit mail-in is a product offered to customers residing within and outside of California who may find little or no time to drive to remittance outlets.


Print and accomplish the downloadable form.

Remittance Mail-ins Application Form [Download]


1. Mailing of personal check shall be accompanied by a clear copy of a Government-issued ID (not expired).
2. Personal check must have the name and address of remitter. Name on ID must match the name of remitter in the application form and personal check.
3. The maximum amount for personal check is up to $500.00 only.
4. Transactions more than $500.00 must be paid via cashier’s check or money order.
5. Cashier’s or Official Check is subject to clearing if amount is $2,000 and above.