Commercial Properties For Sale

BDO SME Loan can help you obtain that much needed commercial space for your business.  To get you started, click on the link below to go to the Real Estate web page. 

Once there, just click on the dropdown button in the Type Field and choose “Commercial”.  You will see a list of available commercial properties for sale.  You also have the option to indicate your preferred area and price range.

List of Commercial Properties for Sale

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To know more about a commercial property you’re interested in, you may get in touch with the BDO Asset Management Group at (02) 8702-7088 / (02) 8702-6000.

If you wish to apply for a BDO SME Loan to purchase a commercial property, please call (02) 8667-1624 / (02) 8631-8000 or 1-800-10-631-8000 (Domestic Toll-Free) or click here for the online application form.

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