What are the available car financing options?

BDO Auto Loan offers financing for the following purpose:

● Purchase of Brand New units for Personal or Business

Types: Passenger cars, Asian Utility Vehicles
   (AUVs), Vans, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs),
   Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs)

● Reimbursement of Brand New units for Personal or
   Business use:

Vehicles should not be more than one (1) month
   old from delivery date of dealer to the owner,
   and with a mileage of less than 2,500 kilometers

● Purchase of Pre-owned vehicles

Passenger cars, AUVs, Vans, SUVs, LCVs

Age of vehicle must not exceed six (6) years upon
   loan maturity.


I am working abroad. How can I apply for an Auto Loan?

You may send your application through this website. Click here to proceed to our application form, and our Account Officer will contact you.


In case your spouse is based in the Philippines, he/she can be the principal borrower. By having the principal borrower here in the Philippines, signing of loan documents and submission of necessary requirements can be faster. To make the process easier, he/she can apply for an Auto Loan and submit an accomplished Affidavit of Marital Consent* together with the application form.


* The Affidavit of Marital Consent is a document signed by the spouse living in the Philippines (1) to enter into a loan application with BDO and (2) to sign the loan documents in his / her spouse’s behalf. The document must be notarized, and will be submitted to the Account Officer upon loan approval.

What are the loan-related fees that I need to prepare for in relation to my Auto Loan?

Before loan release, the following are fees that you have to prepare for:

● Chattel Mortgage Fees (CMF) – actual fee is computed
   versus your loan amount. This is approximately 2-3% of
   your loan amount.

● Motor Insurance Premium – this is also computed in
   consideration of your vehicle type and purchase price.

● Comprehensive Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance -
   approximately P700 for one year.




How can I pay for my monthly amortization?

Payment for your loan will be settled in equal monthly installments of (1) your principal loan amount and (2) the interest incurred. This will be spread across your loan term.

You may pay for your monthly amortization via the following:

● Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) – your monthly
   amortization will automatically be deducted from your
   enrolled BDO Account every due date.


If you are living abroad, you may want to consider these options:

● Pay via Remittance to your BDO Account:

◾ Visit any BDO Remit Office or accredited
    remittance partner abroad.

◾ Fill out the form and request crediting of
    remittance to the BDO Account assigned under
    and indicate the following details:

◾ Account Name

◾ BDO Account Number

◾ Monthly Amortization is deducted from the BDO
    Account every due date.

● Pay via Telegraphic Transfer thru SWIFT Code:

◾ Go to any BDO’s Correspondent Banks in the
    country where you are in

◾ Fill out the form and indicate the necessary

◾ If credited to BDO Deposit Account

◾ Beneficiary Bank (use SWIFT
    Code BNORPHMM)

◾ Beneficiary Name (should be the
    account name of the client)

◾ Beneficiary’s BDO Deposit
    Account Number

◾ Amount of Payment

◾ Purpose of Remittance, specify
    Payment for Auto Loan

◾ If Direct Payment via PN No.:

◾ Beneficiary Bank (use SWIFT
    Code BNORPHMM)

◾ Beneficiary Name (should be the
    account name of the client)

◾ Promissory Note Number (PN No.)

◾ Amount of Payment

◾ Purpose of Remittance, specify
    Payment for Auto Loan


Is a motor insurance required?

Yes. A motor insurance coverage that includes Acts of God / Acts of Nature is a post-approval requirement of your loan, and is needed before your vehicle can be released to you. Having this ensures that you are covered for any untoward incidences that might happen. The insurance is renewed annually until the end of your loan term.

How do I access my Auto Loan details online?

BDO’s Online Banking facility will enable you to access your BDO Auto Loan details online. You should have a BDO deposit account or Credit Card to enroll. To set up an account in BDO Online Banking:

  1. Enroll at Click here to access the BDO Online Banking Facility.
  2. Activate via any BDO ATM
  3. Add your Auto Loan account under Enrollment Services..

Once your account is set-up, you may view your Account and Transaction Details, such as Account Number, Interest Rate, Monthly Amortization, Outstanding Balance, etc.

There is also a Services menu where you can update your contact information, request for copies of your loan documents, and others.




How will I get a copy of my Loan Documents?

Your loan documents, as well as other notices in relation to your BDO Auto Loan will be sent to you electronically via email and/or SMS to the contact details that you provided during your application.

Please ensure to keep your contact information updated.

To update your contact details:

Step 1: Go to and select Loan Services, or click here

Step 2: Choose your existing loan product and click Update Contact Information

Step 3: Fill in all mandatory contact information and click Submit.

What happens at the end of my loan term, when I finish paying my monthly amortization?

At the end of your loan term, and after paying your monthly dues, you will be notified on the availability of your collateral documents. You can already prepare the requirements and set an appointment to claim the collateral documents. To set an appointment:


● Go to and select Loan Services,
   or click here

● Secure the list of requirements for collateral release:

● For Individual / Single Borrower loans, click here

● For Corporate loans, click here

● Set a schedule from the Loan Services page.

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