Debit Card FAQs

1.          What is a BDO Debit Card?

It is a card linked to a deposit account and can be used for the following transactions:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • POS (Point-Of Sale) transactions
  • Online shopping
  • International transactions

2.          What is the difference between a Debit Card and a Credit Card?

Comparison Credit Card Debit Card
Required to have a bank account? No  Yes
Monthly Billing Statement? Yes No
Application Process Approval is subject to credit evaluation Just open a deposit account and get card instantly
With interest charges? Yes if full payment is not received on or before due date No
Annual Fee Yes No annual fee


3.          I’m interested to apply for a BDO Debit Card, how do I get one?

Simply open a deposit account and a BDO Debit Card will be issued to you. Find out how to open an account here.


4.          What is the difference between a BDO Mastercard Debit Card or a BDO Visa Debit Card?

The only difference is the brand name. Both are accepted locally, internationally and online. 


5.          When will my BDO Debit Card be activated?

Your debit card will be activated on the same day you nominate your PIN.


6.         Does BDO Debit Card require an annual fee?

No, your BDO Debit Card does not require an annual fee.


7.         Does my BDO Debit Card have an expiration?

Yes. You may check the expiry date on the front of your BDO Debit Card.


8.         What happens after my BDO Debit Card has expired?

You can request for card replacement at your branch of account. Your branch of account is the branch where you opened your deposit account linked to your BDO Debit Card.


9.         If I’m not interested in a debit card, can I choose not to get it or have it cancelled?

We suggest that you keep the card as this also serves as your ATM card which allows you to withdraw funds from your account 24/7.


10.       What PIN do I use for POS purchases?

You only have to remember 1 PIN (Personal Identification Number). Your ATM and POS PIN are the same. 


11.       Will the cashier require me to give my PIN to him/her?

Please do not give any information about your account and Debit Card to anyone. The cashier will let you enter your PIN on the terminal itself or let you sign on a charge slip.


12.       Can I always opt to enter my PIN for all POS transactions instead of signing (and vice versa)?

How the transaction is authorized depends on how the terminal is set up. Rest assured that both PIN and signature based transactions are secure.


13.       How can I pay for online transactions using my BDO Debit Card?

Since your BDO Debit Card is associated with either Mastercard or Visa, you can pay for your online transactions similar to how you pay using a credit card (in case you have). The merchant/seller may ask for your card number, expiry date and CVC or CVV (Card Validation Code or Card Verification Value). Please only transact with trusted merchants/sellers online. 


Note: Your No Pin Purchase limit is currently set to 0. To start shopping online, you may set your desired limit using BDO Online Banking via web browser or app. For more details, please visit Security Management.


14.       What is Card Verification Value (CVV) or Card Verification Code (CVC)?

The CVV or CVC is a 3-digit security code that is required to complete an ecommerce/internet transaction that is carried out using your debit card. This is an additional security layer protecting your card during online transactions.


15.       Where can I find the CVV or CVC on my BDO Debit Card?

Your CVV or CVC is printed at the back of your BDO Debit Card and can be found on the right side of the signature portion.


16.       What is an OTP (One-Time PIN)?

An OTP is a unique six-digit code sent to your registered mobile number to confirm transactions done online. Most merchants/sellers require you to input an OTP before confirming payment or purchase using your debit card.


17.       What are the transaction limits of my BDO Debit Card?

For the updated list of transaction limits, please visit Limits & Fees


18.       Can I change the transaction limits on my BDO Debit Card?

Yes, you may change your limits for cash withdrawal, POS transactions and online transactions. For complete steps on how to change your limits, please visit Security Management.


19.       What are the different fees when I transact using my BDO Debit Card?

For the updated list of fees, please visit Limits & Fees


20.       How do I check my transactions?

By enrolling for a BDO Online Banking account, you can check all your transactions as well as your account balance.


21.       What happens if I lose my BDO Debit Card?

If you are enrolled to BDO Online Banking, you can lock your card to prevent transactions. For complete steps on how to lock your card, please visit Security Management.


In case you don’t have a BDO Online Banking account, kindly report your lost card to BDO Customer Contact Center (+632) 8631-8000.


Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor.