Supplementary Card

Let your loved ones enjoy the benefits of your BDO Credit Card

Your principal credit card can come with a supplementary credit card that will allow you to extend the benefits of your card to your loved ones while you still have full control of how much they can spend. Application is easy and hassle-free!


For Filipinos

  • Supplementary Applicant/s must submit one (1) one valid photo-bearing identification documents (front and back).

  • Supplementary applicants who are studying may submit a valid school ID instead.

For Foreigners

Supplementary Applicant/s must submit any one  (1) of the following documents:

  • Valid VISA and work permit

  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or Immigrant Certificate of Registration (ICR) or ACR-I

  • Valid passport with any of the following:

    • Special Investors Resident VISA,

    • Special Non-Immigrant VISA for PEZA investors and employees

    • VISA with EO226


  • Sub-limit can be assigned to any of your Supplementary Card. Minimum sub-limit is P2,000 and can increase in increments of P1,000. If no sub-limit is assigned for Supplementary Cardholders ages 13-15 years old, the default amount will be the minimum sub-limit assignment. If no sub-limit is assigned for ages 16 and above, Supplementary Cardholders share in the Principal Cardholder's credit limit.

  • For dual currency cards, the Dollar sub-limit is the equivalent of the Peso sub-limit based on the Bank's conversion rates. Transactions made by the Supplementary Cardholder in excess of the monthly sub-limit assignment may be accommodated subject to the card status and limit of the Principal Cardholder. The Principal Cardholder is accountable for Supplementary Cardholder's usage.