Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater


BDO Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater (ABU)
The convenience of uninterrupted online payments.
Simply enroll to the BDO Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) service and experience hassle-free updating of card information saved with participating merchants.
Avoid transaction declines on your plans/subscriptions, and other online payments in the event of card replacement, renewals, and/or card upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is ABU and how does it work?

ABU is a service that will securely auto-update saved information such as card number and expiry date with participating card-on-file (COF) merchants and digital wallets when your card is reissued in the future due to card replacement or renewal.

No manual updating of card information. Just pure convenience of having a quick way to check out.

What are card-on-file (COF) and recurring payments?

• COF transactions are processed using a card number you’ve stored with your favorite and trusted apps, online merchants, and digital wallets giving you a secure and convenient way to pay.

• Recurring payments are pre-authorized automated payments like those arranged with merchants for insurance premiums, gym memberships, utility payments or with those offering subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, and more.

What are the reasons/events that will require change in card information?

• Lost/stolen cards

• Card renewal 

• Card conversion (upgrade, downgrade)

• Card replacement

What are the benefits that I will gain from this service?

Convenience. Stored and auto-updated payment information means no manual entry. No hassle. Payments you don’t have to think about.

Security. Your card information is protected in more ways than one using the latest security technology for your peace of mind.

Is ABU available to all BDO cards?
The Mastercard ABU is an exclusive service to BDO Mastercard Credit Cardholders:
• BDO World EliteTM Mastercard
• BDO Platinum MastercardTM
• BDO Titanium MastercardTM
• BDO Gold Mastercard
• BDO ShopMore Mastercard
• BDO Standard Mastercard
• Bench Mastercard
• Virtual Card
• Installment Card
Both Principal and Supplementary Cardholders are qualified but should enroll separately.
By opting in, all your existing and future Mastercard Credit Cards will be automatically enrolled.
What are the ABU participating merchants?

Below are some of the popular e-commerce merchants participating in the ABU service: 


Until when will Mastercard auto-update my card information saved with the participating merchants?

As long as you're enrolled to the ABU service, you will continue to experience uninterrupted payments. 

Are Auto Charge Billers included in the ABU service?

No. Auto Charge Billers such as utilities, telco, insurance, and the likes are not included in the ABU service. 

Does ABU come with any fees?

The ABU service is FREE!

How do I enroll my BDO Mastercard to ABU?

To enroll, please call BDO Contact Center. 

Can I request to be dis-enrolled from the service?

To request for dis-enrollment, please call BDO Contact Center.