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Effective 19 October 2020, the operations of BDO Leasing & Finance Corporation (BDOLF) will be fully transitioned to BDO Finance Corporation (BFC).
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You don't need to pay cash for your much needed equipment nor take on a loan to finance it as BDO Leasing gives the alternative that guarantees minimal capital outlay.


This is an agreement where BDO Leasing, as the lessor/ owner, grants the use of an asset to you, as the client, for a fee for a specified period of time.


Choose from two types of leases:


A. Finance Lease

A source of medium term financing and is ideal if you plan to keep the asset at the end of the term. Financial leases are mostly used for acquisition of heavy capital equipment and with just a low upfront cost, you can use the asset immediately.

B. Operating Lease

If you wish to simply pay for the use of the equipment and not its ownership, you can use this type of lease. This is commonly used to acquire equipment on a short-term basis. At the end of the term, simply return the equipment to us or you may also purchase it for its Fair Market Value (FMV).


Our lease offerings provide you these benefits:

  • Preserves your cash or credit line for your working capital
  • Low initial cash-out
  • Higher amount financed
  • No chattel mortgage fees
  • Tax-timing benefits
  • No collateral is required as the leased equipment is already enough as a guarantee
  • Better cash flow management by turning upfront costs into affordable monthly payments


Avail Finance Lease through:

a. Direct Lease Arrangement

b. Sale and Leaseback Arrangement


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