Junior Savers EMV Debit Card Frequently Asked Questions


Junior Savers account holders or their representatives should personally go the branch to request for a replacement of their old ATM Card with a new BDO EMV Debit Card.


  1. Where can I request and claim my BDO EMV Debit Card?

    For Junior Savers account holders, you may request for EMV Debit Card at your branch of account or any other branch. You can instantly get a generic (unnamed) BDO EMV Debit card. However, if you prefer a personalized card, it will be available after 5-7 working days from the date of request.


  2. Can I send my authorized representative to request for replacement and claim my BDO EMV Debit card?  

    Yes, you may send your authorized representative to request for replacement. However, request via authorized representative is limited only to your branch of account.


  3. Who are the authorized representatives that can request and claim for my EMV Debit Card?

    Authorized representatives can be the parents and siblings if the Junior Savers account is under the name of the child. If the account is under the name of child’s parent, authorized representatives are the spouse of the account holder, parents of the account holder, siblings of the account holder and child.


  4. What documents should I present to request and claim my EMV Debit Card?

    You will be requested to present one (1) original Philippine Government ID with photo and signature if you are going to personally claim your card. However, if request and claim of EMV card will be through your authorized representative, your authorized representative should bring (a) Original Letter of Authorization using the bank template. Click link >> , (b) Copy of at least one valid ID of account holder and (c) Present one original and valid ID of the authorized representative to request and claim your card.