Protect Your Account


Stay safe from scammers and fraudsters


Please be aware of fake calls, SMS messages, emails letters or communications through other channels from fraudsters and fake BDO agents pretending to verify your account or help with a loan.

1. Never click links. Only go to the official BDO website.

2. Never verify your account via email or SMS.

3. Never give your bank details or other sensitive personal information.


Real BDO Officers will never ask for these information. Stay vigilant against phone scams made in the name of BDO.


Be smarter than a scammer with #BDOAntiScam. 












“Don't be tempted by quick money. 

Don't lend your bank account to anyone to launder money.”


Through telemarketing or social media platforms, criminal syndicates would offer the benefit of making quick money and lure the public into selling or lending their bank accounts, or use their personal credentials to open bank accounts. The syndicate will then use these "stooge accounts" to receive/launder fraudulent payments or other crime proceeds. 


Members of the public are advised not to sell or lend their bank accounts/ personal credentials to others as these might be abused for unlawful purposes. Otherwise, they may expose themselves to the risk of committing the offence of money laundering of which the maximum penalty is a fine of HKD 5 million and imprisonment for 14 years.



When in doubt, call us ( to confirm the veracity of such calls or report to police immediately.


You may also refer to the information and smart tips provided by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority at